Toxic Trump

Wednesday morning I woke up to the news, broken by UK publication The Guardian, that according to Mark Meadow’s soon to be released book Donald Trump tested positive for COVID-19 on September 26, 2020, three days before the first presidential debate.

Now, anyone could, and still can, contract the virus; the issue is Trump’s irresponsible actions in the wake of the positive test.
Let’s do a little (albeit incomplete) timeline exercise here to put Trump’s actions in better perspective:

September 26th Trump tests positive. He receives the news while onboard Air Force One on way to a rally in Middletown, Pennsylvania. Trump goes ahead with the rally. He exposes tons of staff and reporters not to mention any rally goers who got up close and personal with him along with all they later interacted with.

September 27th Trump holds an indoor press conference exposing staff and the press again, along with anyone they interacted with afterwards.

September 29th was debate night on the campus of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. Trump did not advise the debate officials of his earlier positive test result. In fact, he arrived late and did not test at the debate site (as previously agreed to by both campaigns). His family attended the debate and openly defied the rules by refusing to wear masks despite multiple reminders and requests to do so including the offer of free masks.

Perhaps the political gods were working that night because Joe Biden clearly won largely due to Trump’s poor performance. This should have been an easy one for Trump, friendly to Trump Fox News was the broadcaster that night. The most memorable (and -with the benefit of hindsight – considering January 6, the most dangerous to democracy) line occurred near the end. Fox News’ only real journalist, Chris Wallace, quizzed Trump about domestic terrorist groups in reply to which Trump famously told the Proud Boys to, “Stand back and stand by.”

Trump’s actions that night endangered among others Joe Biden, the only viable alternative to him.

On October 2nd Trump, accompanied by then-Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, was airlifted to Walter Reed Medical Center and treated for COVID-19.

These are not the actions of a leader; they are the actions of an irresponsible narcissist. The president of the United States should care about the people of the United States. With the possible exception of one of his daughters, there is no evidence that Trump cared or cares about anyone but himself.

As if the above wasn’t bad enough here is the truly scary part; Trump will most likely run again in 2024 and could win. Even in a loss he is certain to garner well over 60 million votes. That just makes me ponder the question asked in an old rock song: When will they ever learn?

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  1. Trump called Meadows’ disclosure fake news. And now Meadows has pretty much agreed with that. The depths of Trump’s malfeasance may never be fully plumbed.

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