Too Close To The Sun

This appears to be my week of writing dangerously. This is the third op-ed of the week and all have tried to predict the future. It is Monday morning as I pen this piece; who knows if it will last until this afternoon let alone publication on Tuesday morning. All that said, let’s explore.

I am far from knowledgeable about Greek mythology let alone anything resembling an expert on the subject but the story of Icarus keeps coming to mind with regard to Donald Trump and now Brett Kavanaugh. The myth says that Icarus donned wax wings which enabled him to fly; his mistake was that he flew too close to the sun, the wings melted and he crashed.

Donald Trump had what for him was a wonderful life before he ran for and surprisingly got elected to the Presidency. His celebrity was pretty much confined to gossip columns and television for the double digit IQ crowd. He had plenty of money (though nowhere near as much as he claimed), lots of “big boy toys” and all the women he pleased (or perhaps more accurately was pleased with). Then he went for the big time and all the attention from the all-star media that it entails. I’m not sure just how and when, but that decision will ultimately lead to his demise.

Brett Kavanaugh reached the second highest court in the land. He did so in relative anonymity. Federal circuit judges are very important, yet extremely few Americans (other than judges and lawyers) can name ten. (I am among that vast majority.) In other words Kavanaugh, although tremendously successful lived in relative obscurity.

Sunday night a second woman went public with what appear to be credible accusations of sexual misconduct aimed at her by Kavanaugh. This instance dates back to his freshman year in college. While these instances are far in his past they are not the acts of a six year old or minor indiscretions like a dirty joke. They involve unwanted and uninvited physical contact. They were not simply making an unwanted “move” on a romantic interest. Kavanaugh knew he had the skeletons in his closet yet he grabbed for the brass ring. With that brass ring comes unbelievable scrutiny.

For his part Kavanaugh is following the Republican playbook and denying both charges. Of the latest he says they are “A smear job, plain and simple.”  The original accusation he denies ever happened; in fact he says he was never at the party in question. That last remark is both interesting and telling since neither the date or exact site of the party has ever been established. I guess it’s a matter of I was never there regardless of where or when it was.

It very much appears that Kavanaugh lied in previous appearances before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Accusations of those lies had successfully been swept under the rug. By pursuing this new post Kavanaugh brought them back to light. Now not only is his current nomination in jeopardy but there is a possibility he will either be forced to resign his current position or be impeached from it.

As for Trump, as of Monday morning he was standing with Kavanaugh. He said, “Judge Kavanaugh is an outstanding person, and I am with him all the way.” That is not surprising.

In any other White House the nominee would be presented with an ultimatum: withdraw or we will withdraw the nomination. In any event you will not be a Supreme Court justice. If Kavanaugh promptly withdraws he would likely be able to return to his current position and continue to serve in relative obscurity. Trump will not encourage or force him to do so because that does not benefit the only thing Trump truly cares about – himself.

The only way to analyze the Trump administration is to view it as an organized criminal enterprise. As such the longer Trump stays in office the more he can profit. Ask yourself what distinguished Kavanaugh from the others Trump considered for the nomination. The answer is a single thing: Kavanaugh was the most likely to rule in Trump’s favor on legal issues likely to come before the Court pursuant to Russiagate.

Like Icarus, Trump and Kavanaugh have both flown too close to the sun; ultimately that will be their undoing.

Please note: As I write this news reports are breaking that Rod Rosenstein has offered to resign or is about to be fired. He has reportedly been summoned to the White House. If the reports turn out to be true it is a perfect distraction from the Kavanaugh nomination disaster.

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