Today’s Republicans Are Disgusting

Today’s will be another of my quick hit articles. There is a theme – the outrages of today’s right wing in America operating under the cover of the Republican Party.

What If?

A few days ago I had a thought run through my head as I watched the events unfold in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota: What if law enforcement responded to January 6th the way it did to the demonstrations of those nights or for that matter like it did during the Battle of Lafayette Park?

Maybe I missed it but I don’t remember seeing any up armored vehicles on January 6th or any mounted troops charging the demonstrators either. The only conclusion I can draw is that racism is alive and well in early 21st century America.

Brett, really?

Last week Thursday the Supreme Court handed down its ruling in Jones v Mississippi in which it overturned precedent and upheld the sentence of life without parole for a juvenile. The majority opinion in the 6-3 ruling (you can guess how the votes fell) was written by Brett Kavanagh. I think this is particularly rich considering that Kavanagh has been credibly accused of sexually abusive activity in his youth including a rape in high school and an exposure his freshman year in college. The Chief Justice assigns the writing of the opinion when he is in the majority unless he himself wants to write it. Maybe this was Chief Justice John Roberts’ idea of a joke. If so, it was a sick one!

The moral of the story is if you are white, rich and privileged you receive an Ivy League education, your “youthful indiscretions” are forgiven and you become an Associate Justice on the highest court in the land. If you are Black, poor and underprivileged you get to die in prison.

A Movie Name Idea

On January 6th a band of useful (to Trump and associated scammers) idiots traveled to Washington DC and stormed the Capital Building in the worst case of domestic terrorism to date. If someone decides to make a movie of their travels I have a suggestion for the title – Gullibles’ Travels.

Denials of the Very Believable 

There have been multiple reports that in the waning days of the Trump administration Matt Gaetz asked for a blanket pardon that conveniently would include him. Gaetz denies ever making such a request. Trump has stated that Gaetz never made the request with the caveat that it was never made directly to him. How convenient.
Unless it occurred in a private conversation – in which case both parties have the benefit of deniability, very mob like – we cannot be certain of what, if anything transpired. We are left to rely on the credibility of Gaetz and Trump. To me that’s like taking off on a long road trip with a tire that is leaking air.

There actually is a procedure for pardons that Trump discarded but in any event, it would be more likely that the request would go through an intermediary not directly to Trump; unless of course you wanted to maintain deniability.

A Recount. Are You Kidding Me?

As I pen this a “recount” of the November 2020 votes in Maricopa County, Arizona is taking place. The “recount” will have zero credibility in the minds of any reasonable Americans. I lack the time and space to list all the reasons for that but allow me to cover a few.

The firm conducting the recount is Cyber Ninjas which has no experience in or expertise at conducting recounts and its CEO is a Trump supporter with a history of amplifying conspiracies. The finances of the “recount” are shrouded in mystery but it looks like another money raising scam to me.

The security has osculated between a joke and non-existent. Reporters have been prohibited from covering the event. The reason given was lack of space. The “recount” is being conducted in an arena with a seating capacity of over 15,000.

When will the Republican Party purge itself of these idiots and return to being the patriotic political party of the center-right? Until then the only people who can save America are the voters. Don’t allow 2022 to become the new 2010!

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  1. And now preliminary Census findings show some blue states losing congressional seats while some red states are gaining seats. Oh yeah, Trump is gone, but it’ll take a decade or more to recover from him.

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