Time To Drop

The clock has yet to strike ten in the a.m. as I put fingers to keyboard to commence writing this piece. By the time this is published my recommendation may or may not be relevant but I need to get it out there in any event. Let’s explore.

Last night Arizona, Florida and Illinois all held their primaries and Joe Biden won them all convincingly. His delegate lead grew from about 150 to about 300. The mathematical reality is that Bernie Sanders could not catch him on the (at this point bold) assumption that the remaining primaries occur prior to this summer’s convention in Milwaukee (which itself is in doubt).

The complicating factor is the coronavirus outbreak. I am not an epidemiologist but I do know a bit about statistics and projecting based on (albeit flawed) data. I can give you two conclusions with confidence: the situation will get much worse before it gets better and it’s not going to be over in two weeks.

For all intents and purposes the Republicans settled on their nominee and it is President Trump. Daily he is proving to be one of if not the most dangerous presidents in American history. The superordinate goal of the Democratic Party has to be defeating him in November; all else is window dressing and rather superfluous.

In order to wrest the nomination from Biden, Sanders would need big wins in almost all the remaining contests (and they would have to take place in the middle of a pandemic). Those wins would have to include a few blowouts in states with large numbers of delegates. Senator Sanders, please identify those states. Here is the reality – those prospects don’t exist.

I have long maintained that at their core there is very little difference among the leading major Democratic contenders and that included both Biden and Sanders. Their goals are the same the “differences” are in paths and timelines. Furthermore, despite the fact that leadership is important, outcomes are determined in the legislative process. That was illustrated in the “sausage making” process of passing Obamacare.

For the good of the causes that I truly believe Senator Sanders holds dear and the fate of the country it is now time for him to drop out of the race and endorse Joe Biden. This will allow Biden to fully pivot from primary to general election mode. Likewise it is time for all patriots to rally behind Biden. While it may prove difficult and/or disappointing for some, it is as simple as that.

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