Tick-tock. See You In September; Maybe Sooner.

Thursday night television networks in America broadcast the “last episode of the season” of the 1/6 Committee public hearings. Like most good season finales, it was both a blockbuster and left you wanting more.

Even a COVID infection couldn’t “stop the show”. Chairman Bennie Thompson made two cameo appearances via technology and Vice Chair Liz Cheney did her usual great job in a pinch-hitting role.
The Committee, led by Adam Kinzinger of Illinois and Elaine Luira of Virginia, did a great job of laying out what I’ll call a juxtaposed tick-tock of the events of 1/6 and close proximity events. The viewer saw the deliberate inaction of then-President Trump and the real time events at the Capital Building as his domestic terrorists assaulted the building and its occupants.

Never before was it clearer than it was Thursday night that the people surrounding Trump begged him to call off the mob while he enjoyed the show as covered on TV by Fox News. (Allow me an aside: I continue to find it fascinating that with arguably the best intelligence services in the world at his disposal Trump continued to rely on a television network that is known for its inaccuracies. That trend continues today and I’m being kind in my use of the word “inaccuracies”.)

Trump has long been accused of being a man-child. Much as with a toddler, guilt can often be ascertained by actions upon confrontation. The 1/6 White House call log from 11:06 am to 4:03 pm shows nothing yet we know that while he sat in the White House dining room watching Fox News from 1:25 pm to 4:00 pm Trump made several phone calls, mostly to Republican Senators. We know for a fact that he talked to Tommy Tuberville (via another senator’s phone – this crew couldn’t even place a phone call without messing up). In fact, Tuberville had to terminate the call because he and the other Senators were being evacuated from the Senate chambers.

Perhaps most telling is that Trump, a man who never met a camera he didn’t want to mug for, banished the White House photographer from the dining room. Just let that sink in for a minute.

We have to rely on the statements of others as to what Trump did as the Capital was besieged because the official White House activity log of presidential activity is blank from 1:21 pm to 4:03 pm. We know from the sworn testimony of a multitude of others that while Trump was derelict of duty, he was not inactive during that time period. He was doing what he always did and continues to do: what is in his self-interest with absolutely no regard for the good of the American people who he views as marks and useful idiots.

Instead of being part of the solution Trump was definitely the root of the problem on January 6th! Despite the fact that he knew the crowd was armed he dispatched it on the Capital Building. At 1:49 pm the DC Police declared the storming of the Capital to be a riot. Minutes thereafter as the Secret Service, while fearing for their lives, desperately tried to get then-Vice President Mike Pence to safety for a second time Trump sent out a tweet that further motivated the mob to, in their words, “Hang Mike Pence”.

Many revelations and confirmations will not make it to this article. Perhaps the most telling and guiding statement was made by Kinzinger when he spoke of Trump saying he, “Did not fail to act…he chose not to act.” The 1/6 invasion of the Capital was all part of an multilayer plan to keep Trump in office. Think of it as you would a Hail Mary pass by the trailing team in the waning seconds of a football game. Has Trump gotten his complete way he would have led the charge into the Capital surrounded by his Secret Service team and I think there would have been a gun battle between the Trump protective detail, backed by domestic terrorists and the Pence protective detail. It was Trump’s domestic version of having the bigger button.

The proof in the pudding is that Trump (and the raw footage of the filming when viewed along side the original and never used script is both hilarious and telling) didn’t issue his “go home” video until after it was obvious that law enforcement was winning the battle for the building and that they had secured the Vice President and all the members of Congress. In other words, after the referees had declared the Hail Mary pass to be incomplete effectively ending the game as another Trump loss.

“Season Two”, which promises to be even more enlightening, is currently slated to begin in September so it’s see you in September and just perhaps a bit sooner.

As he retired to the private residence the last thing Trump told a staffer was, “Mike Pence let me down.” In the Donald Dome it’s all about Donald Trump and nothing else, very much including you, matters!

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  1. It continues to astound me that there are people who still support him. If this was a fictional movie, the audience would be screaming for his arrest.

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