Three Makes A Point

I remember sometime ago having a conversation with a minister who told me that when they were in the seminary being taught how to construct a sermon they were told that for each point they needed to give three examples. This person felt that could get a bit too lengthy. If they had six points they wanted to cover that meant 18 examples and people would be getting restless in their seats before the conclusion of the sermon. Believe me I will get to politics and soon.

Up until the last few weeks I have largely ignored the governors. My basic area of concentrations is Washington D.C. so that can to a degree be anticipated. A few weeks back I promised my readers that I would be covering the governors much more. Today is one of those days.

Going back to my sermon analogy the lone point today is that most Republican governors are bad. Below I will give you three examples using only one recent action of each.

In Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is trying to find the funding to give anti-vaccine police officers who either leave their jobs or are fired elsewhere a “signing bonus” if they relocate to a Florida police force. Let me get this straight Ron, you want to put forth a recruiting effort funded by the taxpayers to incentivize people who lack the wisdom to protect themselves against a killer disease while simultaneously exposing the public to an unnecessary risk.

In Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott signed a law limiting transgender sports participation. Talk about a solution in search of a problem! Friday I will publish a list of all the transgender Dallas Cowboys. Saturday I will publish a list of all the transgender Texas Longhorn football players. (Spoiler alert: does not publish either of those days and this will not create a need to.) Governor Abbott you might better concentrate on real problems in the Lone Star State like keeping the electricity on when it gets cold outside.

In Alabama Republican Governor Kay Ivey is vowing to fight vaccination/testing mandates imposed by the federal government. Certainly Kay, who would want the government to try to make going to their workplace safe? Governor if you can’t be part of the solution at least have the common sense to get out of the way!

In fairness there have been a few Republican Governors – I can think of only two – who have done a decent job and the Democratic governors aren’t batting 1.000. Overall I renew my call for a warning label on ballots that reads: WARNING: Voting for a Republican has repeatedly been proven to be hazardous to your health.

All this highlights the importance of voting. New Jersey and Virginia have governors’ races on their 2021 ballot. If you live in either of those states please make sure you voice is heard, as we see your life may depend upon the outcome.

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