Three Comments; Three Degrees

Today I’m going to comment on three recent statements by well known American political figures. They are Joe Biden, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, in that order. I’m going to criticize them all but to very, very different degrees.

As part of his Nerd Prom performance Saturday night and in an attempt to make light of the age issue Biden called Trump a six-year-old. These jokes were neither off the cuff nor things he came up with on the ride over; they were very carefully written and vetted by his team. It is a good thing that six-year- olds are not permitted to vote or the President would have some apologies to issue and damage control to do.

In one of his plays to the temporarily useful idiots in his base after court the other day Donald Trump began his statement by wishing Melania a happy birthday and claim he would have rather been with her than in New York City. That brings a few points to mind.

Why wasn’t Melania in the courtroom with her husband. I’m certain she wasn’t on active military duty like another political spouse he recently criticized. (And I’m no Nikki Haley fan!) If the courtroom would have been too much for the “sensitive spirit” that is Melania, why wasn’t she at least in New York City and they could have celebrate her birthday together after Trump got out of court for the day? For that matter where are his kids especially his two oldest sons? In Trump’s defense he is not among America’s brightest and lives in the moment with no thought to the repercussions.

Now to Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz. When a home state reporter confronted him about his evasion of campaign laws and Senate rules by having a podcast production company pay him via a Super PAC, instead of addressing the substance of the question/accusation he attacked the messenger with some right wing mythology rant about the bias liberal media. Again Cancun Cruz showed us not only what a sleaze he is but also what a coward he is.

Biden made a political joke that has no downside under the current rules. Trump is not very sharp and thinks only in the immediate moment. Perhaps we should give him points for speaking in a sentence you could diagram for a change. Cruz is evil, but actually pretty smart. The Democrats have no good flip opportunities in the 2024 Senate races but Cruz could actually put Texas in play. He may well have to depend on after Election Day shenanigans in Harris County to retain his seat. His mates in the Texas Legislature laid the groundwork for that several months ago. Watch for voter nullification in that one in particular.

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