Thoughts, Fears and Hopes

I’m going to ramble a bit today. Independence Day has always been my favorite holiday. I think that may go back to growing up in Western New York where it was the holiday where I had the best chance of having baseball weather. Considerably later in life my wife and I actually had our first date on a July 4th. Today I’ll stick to politics with a bit of baseball thrown in at the conclusion.

Considering several recent Supreme Court decisions and the trajectory of the Republican Party I fear for the future of America! Several of the Justices are so obviously for sale they may as well take out ads and wear sponsorship patches, (ala NASCAR drivers), on their robes. Judicial precedent and procedure, along with the Constitution mean nothing to them. Remember their basic job is to interpret the Constitution. How can they honestly do that when they defecate on it?

I know its early but the leading candidate, by a wide margin, for the 2024 GOP presidential nod is a twice impeached, twice indicted ex-president who tried to overthrow the country in order to stay in office. (The number of indictments will almost undoubtable grow in the future and be joined by one or more convictions. I’m not even going to hazard a guess at the number of currently ongoing and future investigations.) And it’s not like any acceptable alternatives are waiting in the Republicans’ wings if Trump should leave the scene.

Like most Americans I’m basically pro-Israel. However, that gets increasingly difficult each day as Israeli actions against the Palestinian people are revealed. Like all thinking Americans I’m pro-Ukraine in its struggle against Russian aggression. It is getting increasingly difficult to reconcile the two positions.

Back home the House Republican Caucus and its alleged leadership in the person of Kevin McCarthy is a joke. That caucus looks like it is ready to implode at any moment and I think McCarthy is keeping his job as Speaker primarily because no one else who wants it can muster the votes. (Any thinking member of the caucus -and there are a few who are just going along waiting for the dust to settle and the bodies to hit the ground – doesn’t want the job.)

I hate to be a pessimist, but I have to wonder if the current situation doesn’t resemble the way the United States looked just prior to the Civil War. Will history look on one or more of the recent Supreme Court decisions much like it does on 1857’s Dred Scott decision? Remember by 1861 we were in full out civil war.

On a happy and hopeful note; there is an old baseball adage that when you look at the top of the standings on the Fourth of July the team that will be in first place at the end of the season is at the top that morning. The Tampa Bay Rays are leading the American League East and have the best record in the league. If it holds it will earn them the top seed in the American League’s bracket of the playoffs. That’s my ray of sunshine! Now go enjoy the holiday and stay safe doing it.

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