Thoughts And Quotes

Today I have much to say and insufficient space in which to express it all. Constraints in mind, here I go on a mission destined to fail.

The Method Matters

I’m a veteran of inside politics voting. The method of voting has a tremendous influence on the results. We saw a glaring example of that Wednesday morning when the House Republicans ousted Liz Cheney from her leadership position. A few weeks back she was challenged and retained her seat by a large margin in a secret ballot. The fix was in and Wednesday morning it was admitted to because the new vote was a voice vote.

I’m not a Cheney fan but I am a fan of America; both were losers on Wednesday morning! I’ll have much more to say about this in a future article.

It’s Already Starting

The violence in Afghanistan, especially that aimed at girls and women, has already started. Is it America’s fault? Only in that we are not willing to make a long term (like a century or more) commitment to the country. The bottom line is that if you are not willing to make the investments you have to live with the consequences and the American people are not willing to make the commitment necessary to outlast the dark forces in that part of the world.

Thoughts Sparked By A Book

Recently I read Michael Lewis’ new book The Premonition. In a nutshell it outlines the ineptitude of government under Trump in addressing the pandemic. The best line comes in the introduction: “Trump was a comorbidity.”

Let me look at four presidents. Harry Truman once said, “Not all readers become leaders, but all leaders must be readers.” George W. Bush read a book about the 1918 pandemic and assembled a task force inside the White House to prepare the nation for the inevitable but unpredictable next coming, (prudent and smart – not words I usually associate with W). Barack Obama tweaked its membership (politics). Donald Trump eliminated it (inept and stupid). You connect all those dots.

Holding People Accountable

Several legal actions took place over the last fortnight holding people accountable for their actions. Civil rights charges have been filed against several police officers involved in the deaths of civilians and hate crime charges have been filed against people who committed crimes against non-whites and women.

While these charges may seem redundant and therefore unnecessary unfortunately they are not. America is a great country, arguably the greatest in the history of the planet; perfect it is not.

A Major Court Ruling

A federal bankruptcy judge in Texas dismissed the NRA’s attempt to declare bankruptcy to avoid pending charges in New York State. As I’ve said for some time, keep an eye on New York State AG Tish James.

Middle East Mess

The Trump administration would have you think that through the efforts of the Boy Blunder, Jared Kushner, the Middle East problem was solved. Kushner may have solved his family’s financial problems in the Middle East but the rest, not so much. The Trump administration put America in the position where it is impossible to envision us as an honest broker in the region.

It would take volumes not a few sentences to describe what is happening in the Middle East and why but suffice to say the problems in Israel are worse than ever.


It hardly got covered but the Biden administration has made the White House visitors logs public again. Knowing who has the ears of top government officials doesn’t tell us everything but it tells us a lot.

An Outrage To An Extent Controlled

Atlanta Police Officer Garrett Rolfe was reinstated after being fired in the aftermath of the shooting of Rayshard Brooks. Rolfe’s attorney claimed he was denied due process. Rolfe is currently facing murder and aggravated assault charges. Why isn’t he in jail? If I were facing those charges I’d be and so would you.

In a compliment to the municipal government of Atlanta at least they put Rolfe on paid administrative leave (which was the least harmful thing they could do after the ruling) instead of back out on the street.

And Then

Least you think I forgot it, there is the matter of the hacked pipeline. Russian criminals operating with at least the wink and a nod approval of Vladimir Putin hacked the pipeline responsible for 45% of the petroleum products in the South and east coast. As I write this I am in one of the four states that have already declared a state of emergency. Many flights out of Charlotte have been rerouted due to fuel shortages and many gasoline stations have run dry.

Do you think our infrastructure needs a financial shot in the arm?

Closing Thought

I’ll close with another quote. This one from Hubert Humphrey. “If you are unwilling to make history, others will write it for you.” That is a challenge to all of us especially elected Democrats.

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