Thoughts And Prayers

The reaction we get to mass shootings from Republicans (other than flat out lies) is some variation of sending thoughts and prayers. To steal a word from Joe Biden: that is malarkey! Let’s explore.

This past Saturday I was sitting having a nice dinner with some family members. I have the bad habit of checking my phone at meals and sure enough the news broke of another mass shooting. This one was in the Midland and Odessa, Texas area. It was Texas’ second headline grabbing mass shooting of August. The previous took place in El Paso on the first weekend of August. Two mass shootings in a single month. What did Texas do? It opened September with a new law that loosened gun regulations in the Lone Star State.

In fairness to Texas the law had been passed back in June and was not in direct response to either shooting. Texas’s legislature only meets every other year and is not scheduled to convene again until 2021. Texas’ governor can call a special session to deal with what they deem to be an emergency. The current governor is Greg Abbott and he has called such a session in order to pass an anti-choice law. Is protecting human life less important than protecting a fetus in Texas?

Texas is not known for the wise and courageous leadership of its recent Republican Governors. Abbott was preceded by Rick Perry whose predecessor was George W. Bush. If you think Abbott will call a special session to pass meaningful gun regulations I suggest you stop reading and put some unicorn food on your front lawn right now.

In reality gun legislation will have to be national to be effective. If we rely on the states we will inevitably end up with some states like Texas with jokes for gun laws and guns will simply be transported over state lines.

The time for thoughts and prayers (if it ever existed) is long past; I want action! Republicans take your thoughts and prayers and shove them! Let’s examine that overused phrase. Based on past performance the Republicans have yet to prove to me that they are capable of intelligent thought especially on the issue of guns. They simply listen to Wayne LaPierre of the NRA and do what he tells them to do. As to prayers why would a supposedly omnipotent God listen to hypocrisy?

Moscow Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump here is a thought that I have: I think it is high time you did your job and at least tried to protect the American people. As to prayers I don’t pray but if I did my prayer would go something like this: I pray that if our elected officials fail to do their basic job and attempt to protect the people they get voted out of office by those people that are left. Oh, and John Cornyn here is some free advice for you: Since you are the senior Senator from Texas who happens to be up for reelection in 2020 this is a great opportunity for you to lead the charge in the Senate to pass the gun legislation the House sent over to you months ago and McConnell won’t allow to come to the floor for a vote. If anyone thinks Cornyn will do that make sure you get some unicorn feed.

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