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As I approach writing today’s article several thoughts are bouncing around in my head and my notes. Let’s briefly explore several of them. It will be worth the journey and leave you with things to think about today.

I haven’t played golf in years but I will admit I enjoyed the game. One of the things I liked about it was the exercise. I carried a tour size bag and walked the course. Riding in a cart isn’t exactly exercise. President Trump neither carries his bag nor walks so why does he like to play so often other than skimming more federal money and getting a lot of free advertising for his golf properties? I think it might have something to do with getting to lie about numbers; to him it is like talking about building size, crowd size or the economy.

Trump has been making a lot of noise about pulling the GOP Convention from Charlotte, North Carolina. I’m really not sure what his latest position is. It is a lot of things, at least one of which has been somewhat successful; it is another shinny object meant to distract us from the real problems like mass demonstrations, a deadly pandemic and the Trump Depression.

North Carolina is one of the battleground states in 2020 and it also has the Governorship and a Senate Seat up. Right now incumbent Democrat Roy Cooper looks good for a return trip to the Governor’s Mansion in Raleigh, but the presidential and senate races are both well within the margin of error. Could Trump think he can help himself and incumbent Republican Senator Thom Tillis by moving the convention? If that is his mindset it would be more than sufficient motivation. If he thinks that will kill Cooper he has badly miscalculated; it will take more than that.

One of the plans being floated is a split city convention with the final day and Trump’s acceptance speech taking place in front of a huge live crowd. Life under Trump has become so strange that I would not rule that out but I can’t see this crew pulling something as tricky as that off smoothly.

There are three key Democratic turnout counties in North Carolina. Mecklenburg, where Charlotte is, is one of them. It will go blue in November the only question is the size of the margin. There is a part of me that would be happy to see the convention go because it will leave more likely Democratic voters healthy.

The bottom line on all this is that Trump will not be denied his ego placating “coronation” before an adoring throng. If he kills a lot of Americans in the process he views that as insignificant collateral damage.

For any of you out there who think I’m being overly dramatic in my fear of what may happen in the 2020 election let me remind you of the 2000 event with two names – The Brooks Brothers Riot and The Republican Riot. To this day anyone who tells you they know who won the Florida popular vote for president in the 2000 election is a liar. In fact we will never know. The GOP imported a bunch of young operatives to storm the recount and cause such civil unrest that it was stopped. A delay was all they needed because they had a partisan Supreme Court (and that situation is much worse today) that they had good reason to believe would stop the recount and effectively elect George W. Bush. I was not a W. fan but I would never say he was anywhere near as corrupt as Trump. The Republican Riot will look like child’s play compared to what will go on this fall and after the election if it is even remotely close. Trump lost the 2016 popular vote for president (which really means nothing under our system) by almost 3 million votes and then concocted stories about how he really won if you take out the fraudulent vote whose existence he never was able to prove despite spending federal tax dollars trying to do so. Ego trumps (no pun intended) reality in the Donald Dome and this president has never minded spending other people’s money in pursuit of his benefit.

OK, now that I gave you a few things to ponder you can get on with your day. “See” you tomorrow.

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  1. There is EVERY reason to believe that Trump and his ilk will do everything they can to manipulate the election. The most important thing Democrats can do is come out in numbers sufficient to overcome the Republicans’ cheating.

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