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Today’s article is another one of the catch up variety. There should be something(s) for everyone. Let’s explore.

I’d Make That “Trade”

My Tampa Bay Rays sit in first place in the American League East with the best record in the league as I pen this so I’ll start with a baseball analogy. On the same day that the news broke that George Conway was leaving the Lincoln Project former Maryland Lt. Governor and RNC Chair Michael Steele announced he was joining it.

I want to look at it as a baseball trade. I give up someone who was largely unknown outside the beltway before his wife became a senior advisor to President Trump and has neither run for office nor run a campaign. His claims to fame were his wife’s notoriety and being a constitutional law expert.

Michael Steele has won statewide office in a blue state as a Republican and the GOP was extremely successful at the ballot box during his time as Party Chair. I’d love to have them both but if I had to choose I’d pick Steele. (While Conway may have officially “withdrawn” I’d suspect he will still answer his phone and he certainly didn’t go over to the other side.)

6 Million

The official number of coronavirus cases in America has surpassed 6 million. That is more than the total population of Alaska, Delaware, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont and Wyoming combined. Despite right wing rhetoric to the contrary we know that number is south of reality.

Substituting Volume For Truth

Another takeaway from the Republican National Convention was the volume at which several speakers told their lies. It’s almost as if they believed if they said something loud enough it would magically become true. I guess that’s like the coronavirus magically disappearing.

Ivanka’s Voting Machines

This actually happened a while back but it received almost no press and I stumbled upon it again a few days ago. China granted a trademark to Ivanka Trump Marks, LLC for voting machines. Could it be that Ivanka is going to start manufacturing voting machines in China? I’ll let you ponder the implications of that one.

You Gotta Be Kidding

For several days until the news media made the fact known, Jacob Blake was shackled to his hospital bed in Kenosha, Wisconsin in case you have forgotten Blake is the man the Kenosha Police shot in the back seven times from point blank range. He is currently (and probably permanently) paralyzed from the waist down and at the time was heavily sedated. What were the Kenosha Police fearful of, that he would “walk” away on his hands or crawl away without using his legs? It doesn’t seem basic common sense let alone intelligence is a requirement to serve in that police force.

I Care And I’m Not Alone

There was a plethora of Hatch Act violations in conjunction with last week’s Republican National Convention. The Hatch Act (to which the president and vice president are personally not subject) prohibits federal employees from using federal assets for political activity. The Trump administration’s attitude is that nobody outside the beltway knows or cares about the Hatch Act. I beg to differ! I have lived my entire life outside the beltway, knew of the Act decades ago and care about it. I’m not alone. The phrases that come to mind are something about a swamp along with another about waste, fraud and abuse.

At This Point More Amusing Than Substantive

There is talk that the University of Pennsylvania will review Donald Trump’s transfer records in light of the revelation (unless you think his sister was talking trash to her niece) that he paid another person to take his SATs. Trump is only a few years older than me. I’d hate to have my degree revoked but at my age it really doesn’t change anything. But then again what do I know? I’m just a guy who took his own SATs one time without any preparation and ranked in the 97th percentile. (I did better on the ACTs, scoring in the 99th percentile sans any torturing or multiple attempts.)

In Avoidance Of Answers

Last week the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) informed members of both the House and Senate Intelligence Committees that they would no longer verbally brief members on election security. Ordinarily that would have set off flashing lights and alarms; not in Trump’s America. The members will still be briefed in writing just not in person. You may be asking, “What’s the difference?” The answer is you can’t put a paper on the spot with a question. The best you can do with a written report is place a written request for expansion or clarification. This administration will either stonewall that request or give a non-answer answer. They are playing a delay game; all they want to do is hide the truth until after Election Day.

Trump may not be very bright but someone(s) advising him are (in an amoral way). Remember he recently installed sycophant John Ratcliffe as DNI. The Senate confirmed him 49-44 strictly along Party lines. Remember that if your state, like mine, has an incumbent Republican Senator on the ballot this year; (looking at you Thom Tillis.)

For What It May Be Worth

Late last week House Democrats announced they were launching contempt proceedings against Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. With the election looming and a new Congress coming in in January that may not have much value other than to drag up Trump administration transgressions during the late election season. Pompeo should be removed from office for multiple reasons but don’t hold your breath waiting for it to happen in 2020.

Others Pay For Trump’s Actions

Last week another report came out detailing the challenges the Secret Service is having keeping enough agents coronavirus negative to protect the president because of his careless and thoughtless actions.

Also last week the Washington Post reported that Trump’s companies have charged the government (and we fund the government) over $900,000 for things like lodging, food and furniture removal. Lots of dots again and they all point to an organized criminal organization’s actions.

In response to the Post’s reporting a White House official claimed that the Post was infringing on the Trump organization’s business. (That is a clear Hatch Act violation.) Furthermore they claimed that they were compiling a dossier of David Farenthold’s (Pulitzer Prize winning Washington Post reporter) lies in his reporting. Farenthold’s reporting is publically available. That is like spying on my articles; they are published on the internet sans a paywall.

A Closing Thought

For all those still determined to vote for Trump, Vladimir Putin has a message: in English it translates to “Thank you.”

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