This Time It’s Michigan

Which state has the craziest Republicans? That is a question I often ask myself and the answer is as clear as mud. Sometimes it seems like there are nearly 50 contestants vying for the top spot. In recent days Michigan is the clear winner.

I must qualify this by not exempting the Republicans in my home state of North Carolina. Currently the only thing that constrains them is that a Democrat, Roy Cooper, is Governor and as such he holds veto power over most of their most insane legislation.(Redistricting is a glaring exception. In North Carolina the Governor is removed from the process.) At the moment the Democrats are in the minority in the North Carolina General Assembly but their minority is sizeable enough to sustain Cooper’s vetoes.

Garrett Soldano, a Republican candidate for Governor, told an audience that those women who conceive as a result of rape shouldn’t have an abortion because the, “Baby inside them could be the next president.” I think his twisted “logic” was part of the God’s will argument. By that measure any surgery would be a violation of God’s will. Are you serious Mr. Soldano? If so, I have to question not only your judgement by your sanity. To his credit at least he wasn’t espousing the popular right wing mythology argument that giving birth in that case was the woman’s revenge against her rapist.

Another GOP Michigan gubernatorial hopeful, Ryan D. Kelly, told a group that if they see something they are uncomfortable with at a polling place they should unplug the voting machine from the wall electrical outlet. I’m not an attorney and I didn’t go to Law School but that sounds like advocating multiple felonies to me.

Not to be outdone at the same event that Kelly was at, State Senate candidate Mike Detmer’s advise to the assembled was to “Lock and load” in preparation for a visit to a poling place. I expect to see plenty of weapons near polling places in 2022 and with the insanity of the open carry laws, in many states law enforcement will to at least a degree have their hands tied and potential voters will be intimidated which is the whole idea on the right wing’s part.

What do you expect of the candidates of a once proud and respected political party that has allowed itself to be taken over by a man who wants another man to be investigated by Congress for the “sin” of following the Constitution? I’m not a physiatrist nor do I need to be to declare these people both insane and a danger to American democracy!

As for Michigan, you can rest easy; another state will dethrone you soon.

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