This Is Why

After watching or listening to a newscast have you ever asked yourself why a certain item wasn’t covered? I have.

A Collage Of Stupidity

Not long ago Patricia and Mark McClosney became right wing heroes for brandishing guns at Black Lives Matter demonstrators while supposedly defending their home while in front of it. I’ve never been there but it’s a beautiful house that I’m willing to bet comes complete with a back door.

Last Thursday they pled guilty to misdemeanor charges (which enabled them to keep their law licenses), paid a small fine and surrendered their guns. On Saturday they bought and tweeted about their new assault style weapons.

A while back Mark announced his candidacy for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Roy Blunt of Missouri. With Trump’s backing he will probably win the Republican primary and be the favorite in the November election.

How many counts of stupidity did you come up with?

Is This A Priority Item?

Sticking with the theme of stupid Republican actions for a bit (and perhaps the rest of the entirety of this article), let’s consider Wisconsin Republican Representative Glenn Grothman. I’ve followed his political career for a few years now (prior to his election to Congress). Let me just say that I’ve never found him to be the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Grothman just introduced legislation that would prevent DC schools from teaching critical race theory. I don’t have intimate knowledge of the top political issues in Wisconsin’s Sixth Congressional District but I bet DC schools don’t rank anywhere near the top of the list (except with the out-and-out racists that is).


Among the zanier conspiracy theories coming out of the right wing to support the Big Lie is Italygate. If you are not familiar with it don’t waste a lot of time researching it – it’s malarkey. Supposedly the Italians used satellites (do they have any and does Italy even have a space program?) to change Trump votes to Biden votes thereby rigging the election. One of the main proponents of this is Michele Roosevelt Edwards.

Let’s just be polite and say she has a credibility issue. Among other things she conducted a recent interview from the bedroom of a $30 million dollar mansion she claimed to own and doesn’t.

A Plural Issue

The “audit” currently going on in Arizona – I think the term fraudit is much more appropriate – is being conducted by a firm called Cyber Ninjas. It appears that there is only one “ninja”; Stop the Steal nutcase Doug Logan. When Logan doesn’t have people looking for evidence of bamboo on ballots he is a proponent of the theory that Hugo Chaves (who died in 2013) was behind a plot to steal the 2020 election from Trump.

Logan is at least one ninja short of ninjas status and it appear several cards short of a full deck even a pinochle deck.

Putin’s Puppets?

Former Republican Representative from California (now living in Maine) Dana Rohrabacher has been confirmed as being at the Capital on January 6th. During his time in the House he was often (only slightly jokingly) referred to as the Representative from Russia. Undermining democracy has long been one of Vladimir Putin’s objectives. What better way to undermine it than an assault on the Capital Building as the legislative branch was trying to certify a democratically held election where the outcome did not conform with Putin’s desires?

I know I’m old but I remember when the Republican Party was viewed as the most patriotic American political party.

Are Pesos Accepted?

Republican Governor of Texas Greg Abbott (not to be confused with a rocket scientist) announced that he will build a wall on the Mexican border and is soliciting donations. I though Mexico was going to pay for the wall. I wonder if only pesos are being sought. No I don’t!

A Brave Man And A Coward Both Get On The Same Elevator

The above sounds like the setup line for a joke. Unfortunately it is true and happened in DC last week. Capitol Police Officer Michael Fanone and Republican Georgia Representative Andrew Clyde found themselves on the same Capitol Building elevator last week, Fanone extended his hand to Clyde and Clyde refused to shake it. For the record, Clyde was one of the 14 who voted against presenting medals to the Capitol Police for their part in defending the members on 1/6 and Fanone was injured in those attacks by domestic terrorists. When the doors opened Clyde fled the scene. I wonder if Clyde would even be alive today if Fanone and his coworkers had displayed his level of “courage” on 1/6.

OK, that last one really got to me and I’ve had enough for today!

Despite all the topics I touched on today much was still left on the cutting room floor. The answer to the question I posed in the opening paragraph is: This is why.

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  1. There is a favourite quote of mine which has been attributed to Frank Zappa, to wit: “Lot of people think hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. But I think there’s a lot more stupidity.”

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