This Is The 2016 Republican Party

One of the most important but overlooked things the national convention of a political party does is adopt a platform. That document tells you what a Party and its candidates stand for; what they believe in and why they are asking you to vote for them. Yesterday the Republican National Convention adopted its platform. It lays out the basic values of the Party and what every candidate stands for from Donald Trump to the candidate for the lowliest local office in the smallest municipality in America.  

The 2016 Republican Platform contains a several provisions that I want my readers to be aware of.

The platform expressed support for gay conversion therapy. Sometimes this scam is called pray the gay away.

It opposes same-sex civil marriage going so far as to support a constitutional amendment to codify their homophobia.

It supports laws limiting people to the bathroom of the gender assigned them at birth. I’m with George Takei and you can pee next to me. I’m more concerned with Republican North Carolina Senator Thom Tillis’ stand against washing your hands after you use the bathroom!

It is not just the LGBT community the platform targets; it strives to also make women second class citizens. The platform is strictly anti-choice. It opposes abortion under any circumstances with no exception in the cases of rape or incest nor does it have any provision to consider the health risk to the pregnant woman.

It is against medical marijuana. One of the main proponents of this plank justified her stand by using mass killers as an example saying, “They’re all smoking pot.” I wonder what right wing mythology source she got that information from?

Then there is the plank that calls for the federal government to return “Certain federally controlled public land” to the states. Does that include national parks? Cliven Bundy might want his cows to graze there for free.

In a concession to Donald Trump’s rhetoric they support building a wall. The platform reads, “We support building a wall along our southern border…The border wall must cover the entirety of the southern border and must be sufficient to stop both vehicular and pedestrian traffic.” I wonder if that includes Donald’s suits.

It praises coal as an “abundant, clean, affordable, reliable domestic energy source.”   What planet are they from?

It labels pornography as a “public health crisis.”  Keep in mind these are the same Republicans who control Congress yet went on a seven week vacation without addressing the Zika threat. That is unless you consider a bill that was not voted on and containing a poison pill addressing the problem.

Most of the platform was the brainchild of Family Research Council President Tony Perkins. Here is one plank that was championed by Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach. He championed a plank standing against any restrictions on the magazine capacity of firearms. It appears Kris has branched out beyond gay bashing and voter suppression.

Here is another Tony plank; the platform calls for teaching the Bible in public schools. As an interesting conflict, the platform also takes a stand opposing Sharia Law. There is no place in the United States nor has there ever been a place where Sharia Law was the law. This is another case of supposedly defending religious freedom as long as the religion in question is on the right wing approved list.

In a move back to the days of Ozzie and Harriet, the GOP takes a stand against cohabitation. I’m certain none of their candidates ever lived with someone without the benefit of marriage – no I’m not.

When a Republican asks for your vote I suggest you ask them which portions, if any, of the 2016 Republican Platform they specifically repudiate. If they don’t include the above you know everything you need to know. Meanwhile enjoy the comedy from Cleveland.

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