This Is A Presidential Level Economics Team?

I plan on doing a spoof article with Donald Trump naming some of his Cabinet Secretaries somewhere in the near future; that is if he doesn’t beat me to the punch in a desperation move to save his rapidly sinking campaign by actually naming some. While it will be a satirical article it will frighten many readers because like most good fiction it will be substantially believable. Perhaps the most frightening thing about Trump is that most of the experienced and knowledgeable Republicans want nothing to do with him. Instead of the same old proven losers we will get even less qualified people under Trump. That is both scary and unbelievable! With all that in mind let’s take a look at the economic advisory team that Trump announced last Friday.

I will not review all 13 members of the team. Talking about four will be enough to prove my point. The team is largely another “Dancing with the Stars” lineup. By that I mean that few of us have ever heard of any of them, and for good reason.

The one I find most interesting (read: frightening) is Stephen Moore. Moore is a frequent talking head on television. It is difficult to take a man who seems to be constantly giggling seriously. Moore is currently employed at the conservative Heritage Foundation as an economist. He is a strict cut taxes on the rich/trickle down guys. How well has that worked out for you so far? One of his former gigs was as an economics columnist for the Rupert Murdoch owned Wall Street Journal.

Then there is John Paulson whose claim to fame is that he made billions betting against the housing market in its 2007-2008 crash. Now we can see where some of Trump’s earlier ideas came from. Worked out well for Trump’s buddies; how did it work out for you and your friends?

Howard Lorber is another billionaire on the squad. He made a fortune in fossil fuels and cigarettes. It is difficult to envision him as a forward thinker with the welfare of the average American and their family’s future first and foremost in his advice.

The last in our quartet is Harold Hamm. He is one of the billionaires that pretended to be celebrities at the recent Republican National Convention. His money comes from the fossil fuel industry also; the fracking portion of it. I doubt he is going to be much of a guardian of the environment!

Trump’s economic team is heavy on guys (they are all male) who made a lot of money for themselves. It is almost devoid of anyone with any monetary policy experience. When you are President you and your team are called upon to make both fiscal and monetary policy decisions.

The team looks worse than any ever assembled by a GOP standard bearer. Remember the Republicans, despite their bragging to the contrary, have a less than sterling record on handling the economy. They brought us the two most significant economic downturns in American history: the Great Depression and the Great Recession.

Unbelievable as it may seem if Trump is elected with this economic team advising him America and the world may long for the “good old days” of Herbert Hoover and George W. Bush.

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