This Can’t Be True – But It Is

Almost every day I hear something that I find difficult to believe. Most often after cursory research it turns out to be malarkey. Saturday I heard one of those statements. My research results were atypical.

Saturday, as I looked for something on my TV, I stumbled across an MSNBC interview with Brady President Kris Brown. During the few seconds I listened she mentioned that there were more licensed gun dealers in America than McDonalds and Starbucks combined. I found that difficult to believe. A few minutes later I sat down with my wife and mentioned it. She was also skeptical.

It gnawed at me for a bit and I decided to research it. It turns out to be true. I’m basically a city boy who has spent most of his life in urban areas. That certainly influences my perception of America and my frame of reference. McDonalds seems ubiquitous in America. Where I currently live there are at least four Starbucks stores in close proximity.

America has a gun problem unrivaled certainly in the western world and probably globally. We are the only nation I am aware of that has more privately owned guns than people. We are number one in privately owned guns.

American culture is such that we will never eliminate guns or private gun ownership. I for one don’t think either would be in the public interest. Like most things -even constitutionally guaranteed rights like freedom of expression – there have to be constraints to protect the public. A major part of America’s gun problem is that we have too many guns out there and too many of them are in the wrong hands.

When it is easier to find a place to buy a gun than it is to find a place to buy a Big Mac do you think that contributes to the problem? I do!

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One thought on “This Can’t Be True – But It Is”

  1. The Second Amendment is obsolete. How many gun owners are members of a “well regulated militia”? The only logical solution is the prohibition of the private ownership of firearms. Period! You wanna shoot a gun? There are gun ranges where one should be able to rent a gun and shoot it till the barrel melts down. But not in private hands.

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