There Is Still Much To Be Thankful For

Being a progressive in the age of Trump it is much easier to shake my head in disbelief than pick my chin up. Today is Thanksgiving Day in America a day where we traditionally stop and give thanks for what we have. Despite the darkness we currently live in there are some lights and I’d like to give thanks for a few today.

When Trump took office I expected the worse. To date it hasn’t been as disastrous as it could be; nonetheless it has been historically bad. We have survived bad presidents before in our history and we will again as long as Trump avoids getting us into a nuclear war. To date he has and for that I am thankful!

I am an American. I was fortunate enough to be born one. In my entire lifetime I have never failed to feel that I lived in the best country in the history of mankind. We may not be number one in everything, but we have always been number one in the overall rankings. The people of New York provided me with the opportunity of a world class management education. My deferred income and the policies of progressives allowed me to retire with dignity. Our Constitution allows me a voice in selecting my political leadership. Its First Amendment allows me to express my political opinion in a manner that would lead to my incarceration, torture and death in many other countries. Being an American is great!

I am thankful for the Democrats sticking together in Congress to contest the worst of Trump’s and the Republicans’ maneuverers. I am also thankful for the help they received from Republican Senators like John McCain, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski on several occasions. In the House the numbers are more challenging but my hat is still off to Nancy Pelosi for her leadership, tenacity and negotiating skills.

My greatest thanks go to the women of this country who took to the streets on January 21st and exposed Trump for the ego-maniacal liar that he is. They spearheaded many demonstrations that helped bring light to and ultimately defeat many of the Republicans’ worst plans like the repeal of Obamacare.

I’m certain there are other things I neglected. It’s a holiday and I like to keep my holiday articles short; besides I’d rather think turkey than talk politics.

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