There Is Only One Patriotic Party In America

One of my pet peeves is hearing people display their political ignorance when they say things along the lines of all politicians and both political parties are the same. In America there is a universe of difference between Democrats and Republicans. One group cares more about the country than their personal political fortune. The other is 180 degrees opposite. I’ll illustrate it below.

In the 2016 primary it became obvious to the GOP power people that Donald Trump was dangerous. They tried some quiet (and ultimately unsuccessful) behind the scenes maneuvers – largely consisting of attempting to change the rules of the game midstream – to stop him during the primary. Interestingly, and tellingly, arguably the key players in that gambit ended up working in the Trump White House. Trump’s rival candidates did nothing and he ended up picking them off one by one in large part because they were all trying to woo the same voters.

Part way through the 2020 Democratic primary it looked like Bernie Sanders would end up being the nominee in a large field of many similar candidates. Personally, I am probably closer to Sanders on policy than any of the 2020 field but the reality is that he would have been unelectable in the general and stopping Trump was the paramount patriotic goal.

Over the course of basically one weekend all the contenders of significance other than Joe Biden and Sanders dropped out and quickly endorsed Biden. The superordinate goal was to win and save America from Trump. Biden went on to beat Sanders in the remaining primaries and ultimately win the general in November.

Some of the younger Democrats like Cory Booker, Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar may “live to fight another day” but for older candidates like Elizabeth Warren it was probably sacrificing their last chance for the presidency for the good of the nation.

Yes, there is a huge difference between Democrats and Republicans! Prominent members of both parties care; Republicans care about themselves and their own political futures while Democrats are willing to sacrifice in order to save the country from evil.

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  1. I disagree with you, Larry, on the “politics”. It is my opinion that the Democrats lost to Trump in 2016 because they didn’t have the courage to support a true liberal (ie, Sanders). And they almost lost again in 2020 for the same reason. The Republicans stood for their “values”. The Democrats didn’t.

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