Then Permanently Leave!

President Trump has a problem and I have the solution. I feel it is my patriotic duty to share it with him. He may not like my solution but the majority of Americans would rejoice if he implemented it. I hope my snarky tone gets your interest? Let’s explore.

Golf Magazine (via its online presence and Sports Illustrated are reporting that Trump recently told his golfing buddies, “That White House is a real dump.” For the record both publications are owned by Time, Inc. The stories continue that the quote was the reason Trump offered for his frequent weekends at his properties instead of the White House or Camp David (which I’m not certain if he has ever spent the night at). CNN recently reported that Trump spent 21 of the first 26 weekends of his presidency away from the White House, most at Trump branded properties.

Mr. Trump who recruited you for this job anyway? As far as I know the answer is nobody. I recall neither a grassroots effort nor a GOP draft clamoring for you to run. In fact, at least as far as the GOP establishment goes they were actively trying to get you to drop out of the race even after you secured the nomination. You weren’t exactly grabbed by the genitalia and forced to run (innuendo intended). In fact a minority of voters cast their ballot for you in November of 2016; you won by a quirk in the Electoral College system. It would be accurate to call you a minority President – that is not a reference to your ethnicity. That is unless you believe your own malarkey about the millions of illegals who all voted for Hillary Clinton.

Every President subsequent to George Washington has lived in the White House. If you had even a cursory knowledge of American history you would have known that fact decades ago. By the way, just what were you doing in school? It doesn’t appear you were paying attention and learning anything. The house goes with the job and nobody forced you to take it.

You like to tout your business background and success. Anyone who worked in a publically held company where they had stockholders and a Board of Directors would have been fired before they reached their fourth business bankruptcy. I guess when you inherit daddy’s privately held company it’s not at all like running the federal government. Back to my point; if you take a CEO job in business that comes with a company house and you decide you don’t like it you live somewhere else on your own dime. The taxpayers are paying for your frequent weekend junkets to properties you own. That means you bill the government for the cost and you personally pocket the profit. Sounds like the skimming operation of an organized criminal enterprise to me.

You also personally profit from the free publicity that accompanies your every move. Your position’s celebrity status makes your properties more valuable and allows them to charge higher fees from which you personally profit. People who want to get close to you in an attempt to curry favor are more willing to stay at a Trump property again at your personal profit. Your spending a lot of time at them only reinforced that message.

In conclusion, Mr. President anytime you don’t like the accommodations that the American taxpayers have given you, you are free to leave them permanently. In the process take all your baggage (i.e. Ivanka, Jared and Kellyanne) with you. The White House denied you ever made the statement on which this article is based. Is that because they already used the, “It was a joke” excuse too much this week?  President Trump, you are a lousy comedian, President and American!

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