Then Came Friday Night

Often I write Sunday’s article on Friday morning or afternoon even though theoretically that is one of my days off from writing. With the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Trump financial records cases I certainly had a subject. This week was an exception in my schedule and I’m glad it was because then came Friday night. Let’s explore.

The “Trump cases” were Trump v Vance and Trump v Mazars. Both cases were sent back to the lower courts by 7-2 votes. In each case the two that wanted to give Trump total victory were Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito. Vance is New York County D.A. Cyrus Vance, Jr.; Mazars is President Trump’s accounting firm from whom several House committees have subpoenaed Trump’s financial records.

Many liberals are cheering the decisions as victories; I contend that Trump “won” while losing 7-2. While the Court rejected Trump’s insane defense of absolute immunity they allowed him to accomplish his second way to win by all but assuring his financial records will not be available to the American voters before they vote. I cannot be alone in anticipating Trump delaying and then appealing forthcoming court decisions probably all the way back to the Supreme Court which will not hear them until their session beginning in October of 2022, possibly not announcing their decision until June of 2023. If Trump is fighting this hard not to disclose his financial records I doubt it is because he wants to hide how generous he has been to charitable organizations. It is much more likely that he is hiding information that would be harmful to him and probably illegal.

Trump is a clear and present danger to America and the Court played right into his hands!

Early Friday evening we had another news dump. After some maneuvering, Attorney General/Trump Consigliere, Bill Barr, finally succeeded in removing the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York and replacing him with a toady. That means Barr has removed the U.S. Attorneys in all three districts where Trump is in the most jeopardy. While that is a huge story it is hardly breaking through.

About the same time the White House confirmed that Trump has commuted the sentence for convicted felon Roger Stone who was slated to report to prison on Tuesday. Stone had made it clear that he preferred a commutation to a pardon claiming he deserved it because he clammed up on telling what he knew of Trump’s (obviously illegal) activities. Everyone who has followed this presidency at all expects commutations or pardons for a bunch of Trump’s accomplices who kept their mouth shut after the election, perhaps as early as Election Night or the morning after. In Stone’s case he knew where enough “bodies were buried” that he could pressure Trump into not even having him spend a single hour in prison.

All this is what months ago Chris Matthew’s called a, “Slow motion Saturday Night Massacre”.

When President Ford pardoned Richard Nixon I was one of the few liberals who agreed with him. I thought the nation needed to heal and move on from Watergate. With the value of hindsight I now know I was wrong. All we did was set the penalty too low and in my adult lifetime we have someone much, much worse and corrupt than Nixon because they perceive the chance of real punishment so low.

A second impeachment, though extremely warranted, will not make it through the current Senate so at this point in time it is a waste of time. With Bill Barr controlling the Justice Department Trump effectively owns the “cops” on the federal level. While I have a lot of confidence in the states, particularly New York led by Vance in Manhattan and New York State Attorney General Letitia “Tish” James, they can’t possibly make much progress before voting starts.

Again the Founders left us with one ultimate check in our system of checks and balances – YOU THE VOTER. Elect Joe Biden who will most likely nominate either Kamala Harris or Amy Klobuchar as his Attorney General either of which will pursue Trump and his cronies after he leaves office. We also need to take back the Senate (which is very possible) by sending a bunch of the Republican Senators who are running for reelection packing. Trump and his people have proven to be corrupt; the Court has proven to be cowardly, at best. America can’t expect help from any of them; America is now solely reliant on its voters.

Not for the first time (and I assume not the last) I am stealing a line from the Lincoln Project: “It’s America or Trump.” VOTE!!!!!!

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  1. It was my opinion at the time that Ford’s pardon of Nixon set a precedent which would come around and bite us in the future. This is that future.

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