The Worst Part Is…

Americans are very bad hiring managers. If at first glance you disagree with me, I doubt you will after you read today’s article. Keep in mind, these are only two current examples.

After repeated opportunities to walk back his ridiculous statements, Alabama Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville, still refuses to say that white supremacists are racists. This one is so obvious I’ll move on to my other example.

The House Oversight Committee is currently chaired by Kentucky Republican Representative Jim Comer. Comer has been promising that he has a witness that will expose the, “Biden crime family”. (A little about that term later.) Of late his plan has run into a glitch in that they can’t local their star witness.

Recently we found the answer as to why the star witness is missing: he is a fugitive from federal prosecution. It seems that last November he was indicted on several charges related to not registering as a foreign agent, international arms trafficking and trying to broker a deal involving Chinese arms and Iranian oil, among other things. In February he was arrested, then he skipped bail and is nowhere to be found.

The Republicans are careful to use the term, “Biden crime family,” and I find that interesting. The word family doesn’t necessarily mean Joe Biden – their obvious target; remember the Benghazi hearings targeting Hillary Clinton? – is even involved. But when you hear, “Biden,” you immediately think Joe Biden. Hunter Biden, who is politically irrelevant, appears to be less than a great guy but while he may be the President’s son, he holds no public office and is not employed by the federal government. If you want to talk about a crime family I offer Donald Trump, his daughter Ivanka and son-in-law, the Boy Blunder, Jared Kushner. Can you say projection?

The worst part is the we, the taxpayers, actually pay these idiots and the base salary is $174,000 a year.

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