The World: Ours And Mine

I’m back to my version of live blogging. While I was away the world went on. Did it ever! I’d like to briefly reflect on a few of the events that effect us all and finish with a personal experience.

Dark Money

New Yorker writer, Jane Mayer – who I consider a national treasure – recently wrote a piece entitled, The Slime Machine, in which she uncovered another dark money outfit, the American Accountability Foundation (AAF). Their main mission appears to be to gum up the works in Washington by opposing every Biden nominee requiring Senate confirmation regardless of qualifications. Of course, they refuse to disclose most facts about themselves including their funders. I recommend reading the article.

Mayer has been able to ascertain this much; Trump (via the Save America PAC – he never spends his own money if he can avoid it) gave them a million dollars almost immediately after they hired Mark Meadows. I’ll let you connect a lot of those other dots, and there are several of them.

Same Excuse; New Country

The war in Ukraine provides more than adequate material for my writing and then some! Russia supposedly invaded Ukraine – excuse me, commenced a special military operation – to protect the ethnic Russians living in Ukraine. (I seem to remember learning something about Hitler, Czechoslovakia and ethnic Germans in the 1930s.) In any event, a lot of ethnic Russians are dead, disabled or displaced as a result of the recent Russian efforts to save them.

Among the rhetoric and saber rattling coming out of Russia is that they may well try to take the entire southern coast of Ukraine and then head into the Transnisrtia region of neighboring Moldova, again to protect/rescue the ethnic Russians living in that region.

Allow me two brief comments other than the obvious and already implied one. The reason the Russians wants the southern coast of Ukraine is to cut it off from the Black Sea and any opportunity to export via water. The other issue I see is that Moldova, like Ukraine is not a NATO member.

Pay Attention To Me!

Lost (to most Americans anyway) in the abundance of domestic and European news is the fact that North Korea is doing testing again. Kim Jung-un, much like Trump and Putin, is a man-child who craves attention. As if he didn’t have enough on his plate President Biden is scheduled to soon meet with allies in Japan and South Korea who are understandably concerned.

Tough Guy?

It is obvious to any follower of American politics that Trump is, at the minimum, keeping alive the possibility of another run at the presidency. In that job you have to go head-to-head with people like Vladimir Putin and Kim Jung-un. In other words, you have to be something of a tough guy (or gal as Angela Merkel proved).

In a recent deposition Trump spoke of tomatoes and bananas as being very terrifying. If he can’t stand up to soft fruits (Emmanuel Macron did in just the last few days ) how is he going to stand up to some of the most ruthless authoritarians on the face of the planet? Looking at past performance I guess we already know the answer and it wasn’t good for America. George W. Bush, who I neither consider a tough guy nor a good president, wasn’t afraid of shoes. He was smart enough to duck them like an inside pitch, and he wasn’t even the self-proclaimed best baseball player in New York City.

Are tomatoes to Trump as Kryptonite is to Superman?

Two American Women

As my regular readers know my most recent hiatus was to accommodate a bit of traveling and a minor operation. I’d like to briefly focus on the interactions I had with two nurses in that process.

The first was a young lady (perhaps 30, and if so barely). We hit is off mainly, because of a common connection, and eventually our conversation morphed into one about women’s health. The reality – and I live in an area with excellent health care – is that women’s health issues are not taken with the same seriousness as men’s are. This is flat out wrong and I can only hope that young women of my older grandchildren’s generation will finally be able to bring about gender health equity in America. Female lives matter!

The second nurse was the mother of three young sons. Mom and her sons are Black. She, an educated, articulate woman, was terrified of police murders of young Black men. Being Black in America is an added burden and being a young Black male almost makes you an endangered species. “The Talk” is not enough and yet all parents have to let go at some point.

Inequity has long been and remains one of my major concerns. Obviously, and with good reason, I’m not alone.

To be continued…that’s enough for today.

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  1. To use the words “Trump” and “tough” together is oxymoronic. If Trump was confronted alone by a 15 year old unarmed thug, he’d collapse to his knees in a New York minute. Just the visual of that should be good for a laugh.

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