The “Who Me?” Defense

I think I may be one of the first to detect it, but it appears to me that there is a new Trump ally legal defense which I am calling the Who Me Defense. I predict it will be unsuccessful in the courts of law but that is not its intended target.

Monday several Trump lawyers were called into federal court in Michigan and questioned as to their involvement and actions in perpetuating the Big Lie in court. More specifically knowingly making false statements and presenting laughable “evidence”. Chief among the lawyers were L. Lin Wood and Sidney Powell. Aside from Rudy Giuliani they are the most infamous publicists for the Big Lie. Part of the six hour proceedings/shouting match deteriorated into the two debating just who was involved and to what degree. Wood basically claimed he wasn’t involved at all.

In related news (from the Who Me Defense perspective) it was reported that Trump Organization CFO Alan Weisselberg’s name has been removed as an officer of some 40 affiliated companies in the wake of his indictment. My guess is that in reality from a functional business standpoint that this is simply a cosmetic move. The Trump Organization is small and does not have an abundance of people with much business brain power. There are few, if any, replacements waiting in the wings. Weisselberg is still probably performing the same duties just sans a title.

That begs the question: Why the moves? The apparent answer is to complicate future matters for the prosecution. It will make questioning a bit more challenging (but far from insurmountable) and muddy the waters just enough to give core Trump supporters a reason to continue to believe that it is all a politically motivated witch hunt.

The Who Me Defense should be short-lived and almost laughable before a judge in a courtroom but it will play well in the court of (limited in numbers and cerebral power) public opinion that these grifters are really aiming at. I’m still waiting for the Charlie Brown Defense – as in, Why’s everybody always pickin’ on me? – to be recycled.

Keep in mind that the Trump campaign/administration/denial of reality is all an organized criminal enterprise designed to enrich a few. As long as donations pour in the scam will continue.

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