The Who Didn’t Speak Spoke The Loudest

As I pen this the closing arguments in the Trump hush money trial are going on. I’d have never made it to the jury and I haven’t been paying as close of attention as many others but I already know everything I need to.

The prosecution linked Trump to several illegal activities. Its key witness was the flawed Michael Cohen but his testimony was for the most part corroborated in advance by a plethora of witnesses, many of them Trump loyalists, and documents.

The defense called two witnesses. One of them was superfluous – and I’m probably being a bit kind in my verbiage – the other managed to infuriate the judge to the point that he cleared the courtroom of jury and reporters to admonish him.

The defense seems to be hinging its final appeal to the jury on the claim that Cohen is not believable and that two other witnesses who could have stated the defense’s version of the truth were not called and therefore the prosecution failed to prove its case.

The two in question are Allen Weisselberg and Keith Schiller. Weisselberg was Trump’s CFO and is currently serving time in Rikers mainly for sticking to the terms of an NDA he signed with Trump which is paying him $2 million. Am I the only one this reminds of the mob underlings who “went away” in silence and their wives were provided with an envelope every week?

Schiller was basically Trump’s thug. His connection to the crimes is that he supposedly answered Trump’s phone for him. Aside from the thug angle, why does this remind me of the first witness the defense called?

A third person with intimate knowledge of the events also was silent – Donald Trump himself. On numerous occasions Trump said he would testify which was intended for Bubba’s consumption and played well with him (and his dollars). He didn’t. No surprise to those of us whose elevators go all the way up!

You have to ask yourself if these men could have cleared everything up for us why didn’t the defense call them? Weisselberg could have been brought over from Rikers. That happens all the time in New York City criminal trials. Sans the Rikers situation, the same can be said for Schiller. For his part Trump was sitting (awake or not doesn’t matter) in the courtroom.

None of the four are great guys who you would want your sister to marry. They are all wannabe mobsters. I have long held that the Trump organization is little more than an organized criminal enterprise. This is like a mob criminal trial and you can’t expect all altar boys for witnesses.

This is a case of the silence being both deafening and determinative.

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