The Weak Links?

If my observations are correct I am not the only one viewing the Trump administration as an organized criminal enterprise. Robert Mueller is also. Let’s explore.

If you look at the strategy Mueller is employing it is uncannily similar to the strategy a law enforcement task force would employ to take down a mob operation. You look for the exploitable (read: weak) people at lower levels and squeeze them to give up people higher up in the organization with the ultimate goal being the Don. With Michael Flynn, Mueller has already reached the Capo level and I think he has another in his sites.

Flynn’s guilty plea and cooperation agreement on last Friday are huge! Flynn was guilty of almost countless crimes that could have easily put him in prison for the rest of his life. On top of that his son appears to have been implicated in many of them and also subject to a long time in federal housing. That left Flynn vulnerable to investigators. Obviously he chose the path of cooperation in exchange for a light sentence and possibly none for his son. Mueller and his team would not have given him this good of a deal out of holiday spirit or sympathy for a father; Flynn has valuable information on a bigger fish(s).

Mueller isn’t going to put all his eggs in one basket, especially if that basket is Mike Flynn. I think he has another Capo level weak link in mind. That target is Jared Kushner and Flynn has already helped implicate him. For months I have said that Kushner was one of the three people to watch if you wanted to know when the end was very near for Donald Trump. (The other two are Mitch McConnell and John McCain; they for political reasons. I might suggest a fourth in Hope Hicks only if she leaves the White House; that would signal the rats were leaving the sinking ship. A Hicks exit may or may not happen so I have to place an “asterisk” on that addition.)

It is obvious that Kushner has long had extremely close access to Trump and knows where a lot of bodies are buried (figuratively). Kushner also saw his father go to federal prison (courtesy of Chris Christie) and we know how he reacted to that. I feel Kushner will give up Trump to avoid a similar fate to his father’s (and vice versa – that chapter will be interesting).

Just by omissions on security forms, Kushner has committed enough crimes that he self-documented to justify a long “vacation” at the taxpayers’ expense. I’m willing to bet that he thought he could outsmart Mueller’s investigators and has already told them a plethora of lies. (The two guilty pleas in Russiagate thus far have been for lying to the FBI.) There is already enough evidence for a prima facie case of conspiracy with the Russians as well as violation of the Logan Act. If you wanted to cast the stereotypical privileged kid wimp for a movie you would select Jared Kushner. Nothing about him shows me tough or smart. He is the weak link from Heaven for an FBI agent. If he isn’t already secretly cooperating with Mueller I predict he soon will be.

Couple him with Flynn and suddenly Mike Pence and Donald Trump are nearing the bullseye. Pence wasn’t around until late in the campaign and I doubt he was really in the loop until after the election, but that still leaves him involved in the sins of the transition and the entire cover-up. While all the talk is about Trump, remember that Spiro Agnew resigned before Richard Nixon did.

For all the happy talk of the Mueller investigation soon being over and everything thus far proving that Trump is innocent I have a one word answer that I stole from Joe Biden: Malarkey!

While far from over this investigation has already moved pretty high up the organizational structure of the criminal enterprise. If you view Team Trump as a chain it has plenty of weak links and the stress is beginning to show.

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