The Truth (Accidentially) Revealed

As a matter of course today’s Republicans do not tell the truth. On purpose anyway. Recently several have accidentally done so and I’d like to explore that today. I only need two “settings”; a speech and a balloon.

Michael Cohen, who should know, claims Donald Trump, Jr., not Ivanka, is by far the smartest of the Trump kids. When the Chinese spy balloon was spotted over Montana, Trump. Jr. said that the people should have simply shoot it out of the sky. Now, I’m about as far as you can get from a ballistics expert but that balloon was flying at an altitude 60,000 feet. I won’t insult your intelligence; you can take it from there. As to lie vs. stupid I’ll let you make the call. Does it really matter?

More for it’s theater than it’s substance the biggest American political event of the week just ended was the State of the Union address. President Biden baited the Republicans into making a public commitment (which I assume they will both deny and break) not to touch Social Security and Medicare. Among those outraged at Biden’s (very accurate) accusation were Senators Mike Lee of Utah and Rick “the Fifth” Scott of Florida. Conveniently they were sitting next to each other. Scott ran the underperforming (and I’m being kind) Republican 2022 Senate campaign. During it he put out a plan, in writing, that proposed that every government program sunset after five years and require renewal if it was to continue. On multiple occasions in the past Lee has been recorded attacking Social Security.

The official Republican response to the speech was given by Arkansas Governor and former Trump-era White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. In a somewhat word salad speech, she went into right wing mythology fantasy land including an imaginary requirement that Americans pledge allegiance to some non-existent flag. All that said, I want to concentrate on one part where she accidentally told the truth. Referring to the choice voters have between Republicans and Democrats she said, “…the choice is between normal and crazy.” Now far be it from me to ascribe some metaphorical genius to Sanders. The truth is she has a difficult enough time speaking intelligible English. (She fits right in with the bulk of the MAGA crew and their temporarily useful idiots.) I agree with Sarah. One of my pet political peeves is when people say that all politicians are the same. That is a prime example of conventional wisdom being incorrect.

The last few days contained several clear indications that the choice is between normal and crazy. And the people currently running the GOP are acting far from sane. Oh, and the examples above are by no means either comprehensive or complete.

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