The Trump Infrastructure Program

The following is not a comment on a real program. It is simply me taking a lot of President Trump’s actions and motivations to creating a fantasy – one that isn’t all that farfetched.

I came up with a list of 47 people associated with Trump who are certainly candidates for federal prison. Some have already served their time or are currently serving time; several are awaiting sentencing and still more are currently under indictment. I’m certain I missed some candidates and there are still more who I am simply not aware of at this writing. The number is also much higher than 47 but to fit my scenario only American males could reasonably be counted.

I have long held that one of the only ways to understand the Trump administration is to view it as an organized criminal enterprise with the sole purpose of enriching Trump and a small select inner circle.

Trump had several infrastructure weeks, none of which amounted to a hill of beans. If you can remember his original infrastructure plan called for public-private partnerships with generous loan guarantee programs to the private entities (certain to be ones he handpicked). At the end of the project the private entity would end up owning the tangible asset. Juxtapose that with Trump’s mutual love affair with the private prison industry.

In my scenario a huge new VIP Club Fed is built in a remote location in a red state. New highways and other infrastructure satisfactory to meet the needs of the VIP’s visitors would need to be built. There would also be a need for low cost housing for the prison staff that certainly wouldn’t be well paid. Private prisons keep payroll low and low paid staff are ripe for bribing into smuggling in contraband which the VIP inmate would certainly desire.

This would be the next Trump Tower except in this version there would be four towers complete with guards.

Here are my 47 candidates for incarceration: Alex Acosta, Bill Barr, Brian Benczkowski, John Bolton, Ben Carson, Pat Cipollone, Sam Clovis, Michael Cohen, Jerome Corsi, Ph.D., Randy Credico, John Eisenberg, Mike Flynn, Igor Furman, Rick Gates, Rudy Giuliani, J. D. Gordon, Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort, Don McGahn, Stephen Miller, Steve Mnuchin, Tim Morrison, Mick Mulvaney, George Nader, Devin Nunes, George Papadopoulos (sentence served), Brad Parscale, Lev Parnas, Mike Pence, Rick Perry, Richard Pineda, Mike Pompeo, Tom Price, Erik Prince, Rod Rosenstein, Wilbur Ross, Felix Sater, Jay Sekulow, Keith Schiller, Gordon Sondland, Roger Stone, Donald Trump, Donald Trump, Jr. Alex van der Zeaan (sentence served and fled the country), Allen Weisselberg, Matt Whitaker and Ryan Zinke.

Here is a question to ponder that I do not know the answer to: If an ex-president goes to prison does he get Secret Service protection there?

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