The Three Pillars Reinforced

It is Tuesday morning as I write this article. At the stroke of midnight Friday the federal government becomes a pumpkin without a continuing resolution to fund it. After a congressional “short punt” in December even another doesn’t look very promising at this point. The problem is today’s Republican Party whose three pillars are reinforced by President Trump and his administration. Let’s explore.

For several years I have repeatedly said that the three pillars holding up the modern Republican Party are greed, racism/prejudice and the promotion of ignorance. In days short of a year, the Trump administration coupled with Republican control of Congress has proven my hypothesis to be correct.

This Congress’ legislative failures and its lone major success have all been about the greed of the upper crust. All the failed attempts to repeal Obamacare were really about making money available to give those who didn’t need it a huge tax break without increasing the national debt. By year’s end the need to provide a return on investment for their financiers won out over their supposed fiscal conservatism and they passed the Trump Tower Tax Cut increasing the national debt by between $1-1.5 trillion. They sold out their principles in the hope of retaining their majorities. In Trump’s case he and his immediate family stand to personally profit in the $1 billion range.

An ancillary gift to the greedy, the true cost of which may never be known, was all the regulations that were either shortstopped or are simply not being enforced. If some poor kids die Trump and company don’t care; their rich financiers made more money some of which they will use to make more political donations.

Let’s skip ahead to the promotion of ignorance part. The Trump/GOP team addresses both the future and the present. The future is the responsibility of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. The role of the Secretary of Education is to protect and promote public education in America and ensure that it is available to all children. DeVos has dedicated her adult life to destroying the American public education system. This is a classic case of putting the fox in charge of guarding the henhouse.

As to the present, have you tried to follow Trump? In order to support him you would have to oscillate many positions daily if not hourly. He often acts like a throwback politician and says whatever he thinks the group in front of him will like with total disregard to previous statements or positions. When his contradictions are pointed out it is labeled as fake news. (Isn’t that how all his heroes handle or handled information they don’t or didn’t like?) One “cute” recent trick was for the (without a foundation to do so) condescending Sarah Huckabee-Sanders reprimanding NBC’s Hallie Jackson that she wasn’t sufficiently astute to understand the brilliance that is Trump. If this were a three person reading comprehension contest I’d bet on Jackson. The moral of this paragraph is that Trump relies on the willful ignorance of his base,

Sadly the largest of the three pillars is racism/prejudice. In its current integration you can lump in xenophobia, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, white supremacy, misogyny, homophobia and I’m certain I missed a few more but you get the picture. Trump played on the “victim mentality” of many in order to squeak out an Electoral College win in 2016.

As revelations continue to become public of Trump’s ambushing of Senators Dick Durbin and Lindsey Graham on Thursday his core racism as well as his administration’s and the majority of Republicans becomes even more apparent. When the best defense of the President morphs from I do not recall to a debate between shithole and shithouse I simply conclude that Senators Tom Cotton and Dave Perdue are, at their cores, racist liars.

Things haven’t changed in the GOP since the Nixon era; they just got more blatant in the wake of the 2010 election. Although I wouldn’t be joining it, there is a market for a center-right truly conservative political party. Sadly, today’s GOP isn’t it.

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