The Threat Is Still Present

The other day I ran into a friend and frequent reader. We hadn’t seen each other in about a year and did a bit of catching up. I confided in him that I was surprised I was still writing about Trump as much as I am. I said, “He just won’t go away.” (The quote might be a bit inaccurate – missing an adjective or two better left out of this article.) Trump is but the American manifestation of the disease which is alive, well and global. Here are a few tidbits in support of my argument.

The Middle East

As of this writing we are in a cease fire between Hamas and Israel. Their recent hostilities left hundreds if not thousands dead and immense property damage. The losers were the denizens of the region particularly, but not exclusively, the Palestinians. The clear winner was the extreme right wing in Palestine that is Hamas and in Israel in the person of Bibi Netanyahu.

The average citizen suffered and the right wing extremist win at their expense.


One of the many things I don’t do enough of is listen to the BBC. Catching a brief report Wednesday morning they said that Marie Le Pen is currently the frontrunner in the French presidential race which is about a year off. Now a year is a lifetime in politics but the fact that a right wing extremist is in the lead at any point is alarming!


If I wanted to write a complete report on the zaniness in Texas I’d have to go on book leave. Today I want to touch on one proposed law well in process. Texas is about to make it legal to carry a handgun without a background check, license or training. What could possibly go wrong?

I’m a big advocate of firearms training. If you have a gun I’d like to feel assured that you can hit what you are shooting at and not me or my loved ones in the process. The firearms training could be administered by gun advocacy groups (who better qualified?) which is a great compromise that serves the public interest.

America has a gun problem whether the political right wants to admit it or not. Putting more firearms in the streets sans screening or training will exacerbate not help solve the problem.


A Ryanair (Ireland) passenger jetliner on route to Lithuania having departed from Greece was forced down in Belarusian airspace. Once on the ground three Belarusian KGB agents who were on the plane then arrested journalist Roman Protasevich and his (Russian) girlfriend. Protasevich, a native Belarusian, had fled the country in order to keep reporting the truth which of course was a serious threat to Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko.

This was an EU flagged airliner flying from an EU country to another EU country. This proves just how much the truth is Kryptonite to the extreme right.


Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis signed a law that would prohibit social media companies from stopping the political advertising of falsehoods. This is sort of the corollary to the above. Not only do they want to stop the truth but simultaneously they want to remove any barriers to spreading falsehoods. I guess this is part of their cancel culture argument. I see nothing wrong (and everything proper) with cancelling lies. Not surprisingly, DeSantis and I disagree.

The Unspoken Condition

Gordon Sondland, Trump’s ambassador to the EU, had his “fifteen minutes of fame” during the first House impeachment hearings of the Trump administration. Normally a government official testifying to Congress is represented by legal counsel from the Justice Department on the taxpayers’ dime. Sondland was denied such representation but claims he was assured by then Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, (as an Ambassador his boss) that he would be made financially whole for the legal expenses he incurred.

True to form for a Trumper, (or Trump himself), the promised reimbursement never happened. Sondland is now suing to the tune of $1.8 million. The fly in the ointment would appear to be that Trump didn’t like what he heard from Sondland (a/k/a the truth).

Well Scott, these are but a few examples of why I can’t stop writing about Trump, he won’t leave the scene and is part of a much larger problem. Thanks for reading and stay well!

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  1. OK, while Texas eliminates all control of firearms, nine more people have been killed in California. In a society which values common sense, private ownership of firearms would be illegal. It’s long past time to implement this common sense. The second amendment needs modification to bring it into the modern day.

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