The Third Endorsement Of Sherrod Brown

This is basically the cut and paste of a cut and paste having endorsed Sherrod Brown in 2012, again in 2018 and now for a third time in 2024. He was far from a sure thing any of those times and deserved’s endorsement all of them.

I guess when you pair this with Jon Tester’s endorsement, I could call this the “Defenders Series”. Like the big man from Montana, Brown is defending a blue seat in a red state. As alluded to above, Brown has never had an easy time of it electorally. 2024 will be no exception. Although a battleground, I favor Trump at this point which means Brown will need voters to split their ballots if he is to remain in the Senate.

Senator Brown was an Eagle Scout who earned his bachelor’s degree from Yale then returned home to the Buckeye State to earn two master’s degrees from the Ohio State University. He has held several posts in government, most prominently was seven terms in the House of Representatives before defeating the then incumbent Mike DeWine in 2006 to gain a seat in the upper chamber.

Brown has a solid progressive record going back decades. In the past he was a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. He has a solid record of supporting progressive legislation including Obamacare and President Biden’s programs. He has been a staunch supporter of LGBTQ+ rights. He voted to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

Brown, like Biden is a pro-union guy with a long history of supporting the working class. He was out front and vocal in supporting the effort to overturn the Union busting SB5/Issue 2 in Ohio. He has a history of very carefully examining and being skeptical of free trade agreements. He is a leader in workers’ safety issues. In other words, he represents the interests of the vast majority of Ohioans and American laborers in general.

Often overlooked but critical to the future of America, Brown is an advocate of public education and wants to probe the right wing’s attacks on it.

He has advocated policy changes that would protect the spouses of deployed U.S. military personnel from deportation.

After the derailment disaster in East Palestine, Ohio Brown was the most visible and vocal elected official demanding action and answers.

It hasn’t been all glory for Sherrod! He has paid the price of his politics along the way. Following an electoral defeat in the early 90s he spent some time teaching democracy and government in Poland during their transition from communism to democracy. His wife, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Connie Schultz, resigned from the Cleveland Plain Dealer in response to cheap shots.

Brown has been the target of deep pocketed right wing groups in the past and 2024 is already no exception with a crypto currency PAC spending millions to oust him. Rest assured a lot of other right wing (and often dark) money will be at play against him between now and November.

This endorsement was an easy call! Only the finite natures of time and space made me wait this long. extremely enthusiastically endorses Sherrod Brown for the United States Senate seat from Ohio!

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