The Taxman Cometh

There is disturbing news as to what I will term the inequity of justice when it comes to Trump supporters. Have no fear; it is only justice delayed since “tigers” don’t change their stripes and the tax man cometh.

Yesterday the news came to my attention that Paul Manafort will skate on at least one New York state charge since the New York Supreme Court ruled that having Manafort stand trial for essentially the same charges that Trump pardoned him on would constitute double jeopardy.

In the case of Trump and his inner circle remember you have to view them as an organized criminal enterprise that ran an extortion/skimming operation. Everything they did they did  was for personal financial enrichment. What makes you think that they stopped stealing on January 1, 2020? Trump’s term ended at noon on January 20,2021. I am operating on the assumption that he issued undisclosed pardons – most likely including to himself, his adult children and several others in his inner circle. The reality is that the pardons cannot cover any crimes committed after the morning of January 20th. It is close to impossible to have filed 2020 tax returns prior to the end of Trump’s term. Following that logic, they all will commit crimes in 2021.

Al Capone committed a plethora of crimes but in the end he was convicted of tax crimes. We will never convict Trump and his inner circle of all the crimes they committed but I guarantee they profited from illegal financial transactions in 2020 and will not claim the proceeds on their tax returns.

Getting to the next concentric circle – Trump’s useful idiots – many are getting white glove treatment from the legal system to date. The most appalling examples are the young lady who stole a laptop from Nancy Pelosi’s office and was released into the custody of her mother along with the woman who a Trump appointed federal judge allowed to go to Mexico on vacation.

Many in this circle all but caught themselves by their foolish actions (i.e. social media posts). They are not exactly the best and the brightest. Even if they somehow skate on the current charges or get let off with a slap on the wrist what makes you think they will follow the straight and narrow path in the future? It is more likely that they will feel empowered and commit future crimes. (Have no doubt that taking part in the forceful invasion of the Capital Building is a criminal act.) The infiltration of our law enforcement and legal systems by right wing extremists is a problem but there are still many patriotic Americans serving in both. Many investigators who saw their hard work go down the drain will keep an eye peeled for this circle and they will get them in the future.

The wait is frustrating for the law abiding. In many cases it will be IRS investigators who put together the case that will stick. What Trump and his minions in both circles have to fear the most is the taxman.

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