The Stupid Club

Donald Trump professes to be a brilliant man. I have yet to see proof of it; in fact his presidency is proving the opposite unless you count immorality and swindling as brilliance. He appears to have attracted many similar people to his orbit. Let’s explore.

Recently two of Trump’s key attorneys thought having a working lunch was a great idea. The restaurant they picked was literally feet from the Washington offices of the New York Times. They chose an outdoor table in plain view of other patrons and passersby. As fate would have it, (and any smart person would have assumed could happen), a well-known New York Times investigative reporter was dining at an adjacent table and recognized our “legal eagles”. They continued their working lunch including disagreement at a reasonable high volume easily overheard by anyone near them which just happened to include the investigative reporter.

Now Trump isn’t exactly dealing with court appointed counsel. Records reveal that the Trump campaign spent over $675,000 on legal fees in the second quarter of this year. In addition to that the Republican National Committee (RNC) spent over $230,000 in June for the Trump legal team. Some of the campaign legal expense may have been on routine matters but certainly the bulk of that money was to defend Trump and Donald Trump, Jr. For that kind of money you would expect to get lawyers smart enough to meet in a private setting when they were discussing legal strategy.

Here is the next layer of this situation: consistent with past practices Trump is using other people’s money for his personal benefit. Some people actually back Trump and it is their right to donate to a Trump reelection campaign as long as they do it within the few limitations we have left on campaign contributions. Even more people back Republican candidates in general and again it is their right to donate money to the RNC in support of those candidates. I wonder how many of those donors are now somewhat chagrin that their donations are going to defend people who if they didn’t break our laws are putting forth one hell of a cover-up effort. While these expenditures are technically legal, they are none the less dishonest. It’s the old adage: Just because you have the right to do something doesn’t make it the right thing to do.

Trump recently tripled down on his “both sides” comment about Charlottesville. Every time he goes there he gets blasted by all except his base. Was this a cheap way to get back in their good graces after the Chuck and Nancy deal or no deal? I would think a bright person could decide how they felt and stick to it; Trump is either stupid, dishonest or both.

The most glaring examples of Trump’s stupidity came when he addressed the United Nations on Tuesday. He thought he hit it out of the park and I’m certain Bubba loved his speech also. The best review came in the form of a photo of Chief of Staff John Kelly with his face buried in his hand.

Trump used his new nickname for North Korean leader Kim Jung-un, “Rocket Man”. That was not only unbecoming a world leader, it was unintelligent! I don’t think I’m that far out of bounds in likening Kim’s predictability to that of a mad dog. Trump’s words were the equivalent of poking a stick through a fence at a mad dog. Then he compounded it by saying that if he didn’t get his way America would, “Totally destroy North Korea.” Yes, Trump spoke before an international organization whose overriding goal is world peace and threatened the nuclear annihilation of a sovereign country. Mr. Trump, you are no longer speaking to a bunch of your most rabid supporters at some rally; you were addressing educated people who actually read books. Nicknames worked with your rally crowds when the “demons” were Lyin’ Ted and Little Marco; they didn’t control nuclear arms, Kim does.

Trump also went after Iran and by extension the United Kingdom, Russia, France, China, Germany and the European Union when he called the Iran Nuclear Deal “An embarrassment” and threatened to either renegotiate it or pull out. I truly don’t think Trump understands the deal. It appears he thinks it is a bilateral agreement between the United States and Iran. French President Emmanuel Macron has already said there is nothing to renegotiate. The only reason a deal like this is working (and it is) is because it encompasses almost all of the globe’s economic powers. If the United States unilaterally pulls out, (which I think Trump will because we already know that renegotiation is DOA), one of two things will happen neither of which is good. The deal will continue without American participation which will hurt American business or the deal will collapse leaving Iran free to resume development of nuclear arms at full speed. Trump (in fairness it is a problem he inherited) can’t solve the challenge of a nuclear North Korea; do we really want to add a nuclear Iran to the mix?

I’m cutting a lot of material I intended to include in this article. It is impossible to cover Trump’s lunacy and larceny in relative brevity. Trump is ignorant and incompetent. It appears many of his hires and supporters share similar traits. Trump is acting like a high school sophomore boy at the dumb kids’ lunch table and it is scary.

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