The Siberian Candidate?

I am assuming it started off as a rather cute play on words by Paul Krugman, I then echoed it a few days later; with recent revelations we have to worry if the term Siberian Candidate as applied to Donald Trump doesn’t have some dark and sinister real world implications. Let’s explore.

Tuesday, hours before President Obama was to give his farewell address to the nation, the news broke that Obama and Trump had been briefed by American intelligence sources that the Russians were in possession of material personally and politically damaging to the President-elect.

Months ago I speculated that if the Russians had hacked the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the Hillary Clinton campaign it was reasonable to assume they had done the same to the Republican National Committee (RNC) and Donald Trump. Since Putin and company had decided they wanted Trump to win the election they withheld the information they had on the RNC and Trump in order to blackmail Trump when he became President. These latest reports (still only somewhat unconfirmed) seem to lend credence to my theory.

If Trump is beholden to Putin and Russia for his new position and furthermore Putin has material with which to blackmail him; Trump becomes Putin’s puppet – a/k/a The Siberian Candidate.

Some people have little if anything to hide so hacking their information and emails provides little of interest. Based on his business and personal history Trump does not appear to be one of those people!

Trump’s ego and Lucky Sperm Cell Club membership make him feel that he is superior to almost everyone and invincible. That combination makes him an easy target for a professional espionage agent. Need I remind anyone that prominent on Vladimir Putin’s resume is a stint running the KGB?

There is a very good chance that Trump has been involved in business deals with shady Russians. There are reasons he is unwilling to release his tax returns and this could well be among them.

Trump admittedly has a weakness for what he considers to be young pretty women. In 2013 he held the Miss Universe Contest in Moscow. Is it really that much of a stretch to think Putin may have set a honey trap and Trump stumbled right into it including video tapes? I don’t think it is. This would make the Access Hollywood tapes look like Sunday school.

Remember Trump is the guy who admitted entering the changing rooms of young female contestants while they were in various states of undress and justified it by saying he owned the pageant and therefore had the right to “Inspect the goods”. (The ironic part is that one of the biggest justifications for the passage of North Carolina’s HB2 was to keep grown men out of young girls’ locker rooms.)

Those who think Trump has been disloyal to so many (including two ex-wives) but will be loyal to them are as naïve as the mistress who is dismayed when she discovers her lover plans on staying with his wife and that she is not his only mistress. Having cheated so many others in life why would Trump suddenly be loyal to Bubba who he despises in the first place?

Trump is not a Russian plant but he may well become a Russian puppet. For those of you who are surprised I have to ask: What have you been paying attention to for months?

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