The “Raid”

This article is being written late Friday afternoon. The time is important because this is somewhat of a dynamic situation some facts of which may be clearer and/or more complete by publishing time let alone by the time you get around to reading this. My usual practice is to make the subject of Sunday’s article the biggest political story of the week just ended. Judging by the “ink” expended there is no doubt that what the right wing is calling the raid on Mar-a-Lago was the biggest story.

First off, the action was not a raid. In fact, it was far from a raid. It was the FBI serving a search warrant. A raid is when, with no notice the police bang on your door, often battering it down, and enter your premises unannounced and certainly without calling ahead. In this case federal authorities had been requesting cooperation from Donald Trump for about 18 months including several meetings and a subpoena. The cooperation was obviously less than complete to say the least.

After having called ahead to give notice of their intention to execute a search warrant, the FBI showed up on a Monday in plain clothes. Mar-a- Lago is largely a golf club. Mondays are generally dark days at golf courses, especially private ones. This shows me the FBI was trying to be as low profile as possible.

The news of the execution of the search warrant was made public by Trump, not the FBI or Department of Justice. Those organizations, acting like the professionals they are, kept it quiet. Trump released the news for one simple reason: he saw it as another great scam opportunity. He knew he could raise more millions off his minions.

His mouthpieces in elected office and in the right wing media immediately came to his aid. Many, including Georgia Representative (without committee) Marjorie Taylor Greene called for defunding of the FBI. Her exact quote was, “Defund the FBI.” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy promised investigations into the Department of Justice and the FBI when the Republicans take over the House in January. Kevin, you might well be advised not to count the chickens until they are hatched. Although many things favor the Republicans taking over the House after the mid-term if you keep this up you are very capable of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

On Thursday a man associated (and details are still coming out) with the radical right wing attacked the Cincinnati FBI Filed Office armed with a nail gun and an assault style rifle. He was a 1/6 participant, a frequent commenter on right wing websites and a Trump contributor. You connect the dots. Hint it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes!

Thursday Attorney General Merrick Garland took to the air to defend his people against inane charges which I won’t even waste space on here and declare that he personally signed off on the warrant. He also announced that he was requesting the court unseal the warrant and the receipt of things taken from Mar-a-Lago as a result of the service of the search warrant. The court quickly declared that it was giving Trump until 3pm Friday to file an objection.

A bit before 3pm on Friday news broke containing the warrant and the receipt. That was at least 20 minutes before any court action. The news obviously came from the Trump forces and was first released to media they considered to be friendly including the Wall Street Journal. Initially, at least, it appears Garland called Trump and his minions’ bluff and won. The warrant specified that it was issued in connection with three possible felonies and the receipt showed at least 11 sets of classified documents being retrieved as a result of this service alone. Keep in mind that much was obtained in at least two previous actions.

The big questions all boil down to “Why?” Why did Trump keep and continue to conceal the boxes that did not belong to him; reportedly, but not 100% confirmed as of this writing, including nuclear secrets? To my mind for the same reason he leaked the “raid” – money.

The news of the “raid” was another opportunity to raise money in a woe is me and they are coming for you next scam. In fact, several Tuesday “man in the street” interviews featured people saying if they did this to a former president, they can do it to me. No kidding (OK, I had another word in mind) “genius”. If law enforcement has reason to believe that you broke a law(s), are stupid enough to be secreting evidence in your house and can convince of judge of such your house too will be subject of a search warrant; but I wouldn’t count on the same courtesies extended to Trump.

As to the questionable material it breaks down into two categories. The first I really don’t care about; things like menus and “love letters” from foreign leaders. But Trump obviously thinks there is a market for them and he is probably correct. The second is the state secrets. They are valuable on the black market or someone with as little functioning grey matter as Trump probably views them as bargaining chips if he flees to another country (i.e. Russia, Saudi Arabia or North Korea). In any event the common theme is money.

I have long maintained that you have to view the Trump administration and organization as little but an organized criminal enterprise. Trump is simply a con man who views almost everyone else as a mark. Every American should be concerned with what he intended to sell and to whom.

The raid that wasn’t really a raid was the biggest political story of last week which just shows that in the news business sex (sorry none in this story) and scandal sell.

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