The Raging Domestic War We Hardly Notice

It is often difficult to pinpoint just when wars start. Donald Trump’s war on truth is no exception. All the same, have no doubt that it rages on. Let’s explore.

The conventional wisdom is that it started on Saturday January 21, 2017 – Trump’s first full day in office when he sent Sean Spicer out to scold the White House Press Corps for telling the truth about the inaugural crowd size the prior day. Trump made it clear that the facts don’t matter; his version of the truth is the only thing that does.

Trump began his political rise by being the Birther-in-Chief which was all based on a series of incongruous and racist lies. He continued by making his 2016 campaign a seemingly endless stream of lies and outrageous behavior. All that pleased Bubba to no end and gave Trump a substantial base. It fit well with the modern GOP’s axiom of never letting the truth get in the way of a talking point.

Perhaps it all started somewhere in Trump’s childhood or it is a business practice he learned from his father. Years ago Trump’s longtime acquaintance Bill Maher succinctly described Trump as a, “Bullshit artist.” That is somewhat polite speak for a liar. It’s kind of like rich people are eccentric while poor people are just weird. In any event Trump and the truth have a relationship similar to oil and water. The oil initially floats on the water until it eventually sinks killing almost everything in the process.

While Sean Spicer was visibly uncomfortable telling lies as the White House Press Secretary his replacement Sarah Huckabee-Sanders was not. Sarah finally got to the point she simply stopped hold press briefings. (Youngsters gather round: I’m old enough to remember when they were commonly called the White House daily press briefings and were considered an important part of the federal government informing the citizens of its activities.) Today Stephanie Grisham holds the position. In all honesty I had to look her name up because she has yet to hold a press briefing. Talk about waste, fraud and abuse in the federal government! Yes, there are lies of omission as well as commission.

It appears that Kellyanne Conway has become the chief spokesperson for this administration. The press has to catch her in the White House driveway where she graces them with a few lies (a/k/a alternative facts) on a close to a daily basis.

Trump himself has become the Tweeter-in-Chief. His tweets are sometimes trial balloons and often policy announcements. They are often rants where he just tries to bully anyone who disagrees with him or has the gall to oppose him. He too has his driveway moments as he is about to fly off on some trip we pay for. The Washington Post has been keeping track of Trump’s lies and as of August 5, 2019 he passed the 12,000 mark. More specifically they have documented 12,019 lies in his first 928 days in office.

Is it any wonder that Trump hates the legitimate press who he has labeled as, “Enemies of the people”? He calls their truthful but uncomplimentary reports, “Fake news.” This is typical behavior for a wannabe authoritarian fascist leader. In fact much of the verbiage comes directly from several then rising fascist leader in 1930’s Europe. Trump’s not even the first to recycle it; Vladimir Putin beat him to it.

There is a way for America to win this war and defeat the forces rallying behind Trump – vote in 2020.

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