The Obvious Choice

I’ve basically written about one topic for the last three days and tomorrow is a holiday, thereby dictating the topic. The obvious choice is to do a clean up article for today.

Everything Is A Scam Opportunity To A Grifter

It was reported that the RNC (Republican National Committee) is picking up some of Donald Trump’s legal bills related to matters having nothing to do with his presidency and in fact predating his time in office. I have to wonder if the RNC may not go the way of the NRA and just how foolish you have to be to donate to either at this point.

The Cost Of Lies

A federal judge has ordered Colorado lawyers, Gary D. Fielder and Ernest John Walker to pay $187,000 in legal and court costs to the defendants in a frivolous 2020 election suit that they filed on the behalf of the Trump campaign. Lying costs, in Colorado at least. I’m betting Trump won’t be coming north with any money to cover this expense either.

1/6 Committee And The Clock

On Monday the 1/6 Committee issued subpoenas for five more Trump allies including Alex Jones and Roger Stone. I’m glad to see the committee moving fast and just hope the courts do also. It is obvious that the Republicans are trying to run out the clock in anticipation that they will take back the House in the mid-terms. If the next House is Republican controlled that committee will either be disbanded or be powerless.

Another Good Move By Joe

Tuesday President Biden authorized the release of part of the strategic oil reserve in an attempt to bring down gasoline prices. Based on the simple economic law of supply and demand it should, at least to some degree, work.

If you notice I haven’t written much about the current bout of inflation. That is because it really isn’t structural economic inflation which would be much more concerning. The situation is actually very similar, though not identical, to the immediate aftermath of World War II. The economy was effectively shut down for a prolonger period of time and is now reopening. There are raw material shortages which will work themselves out given time. In addition, there is also a pent up demand for consumer goods because people shifted their spending patterns during the apex of the pandemic and many also accumulated cash (or reduced consumer debt). Add to that the transportation crunch and you have temporary and transitional inflation.

Get A Boost

Booster shots are now available and highly recommended for anyone who got their last shot six months or longer ago. The only thing that is keeping the virus somewhat in check in America (and allowing the economy to open back up) is the availability of the vaccines. It is known that their effectiveness wanes after six months, which is contributing to the number of breakthrough infections. (If only we didn’t have to deal with the anti-vaccine idiots that would be a much smaller issue.) It’s simple; do the patriotic thing and get your booster shot if you haven’t already!

Trump’s First Loss Of 2022

Donald Trump had endorsed Sean Parnell for the open Senate seat in Pennsylvania. On Monday Parnell dropped out of the race. It seems he had some serious domestic issues that included chocking his then wife. One of the things I learned during my decade on the Board of an organization that fought domestic violence is that almost all domestic murders are preceded by incidents of chocking.
Another great vetting job by the Trump people. Only the best, hey Donald?

This Isn’t Funny

I usually take it easy on Louisiana Republican Senator John Kennedy because I think he is funny. The reality is that we are saddled with some Republican senators and we may as well have some that are comical.

In a confirmation hearing for Biden nominee, Saule Omarova, Kennedy stated that he didn’t know whether to address her a professor or comrade. Omarova was born in the then Soviet Union and appears to be ethnically Asian. Apparently Kennedy is one of those people who can’t tell anyone other than white people apart and thinks everyone either Russian or Chinese is a communist. Senator, your good old boy routine is generally amusing but we can do without the blind prejudice.

That may be a bit short for this type of article but tomorrow is Thanksgiving and you figuratively probably have a lot on your plate (and hopefully a lot on your literal plate tomorrow.)

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  1. “I knew John Kennedy. John Kennedy was a friend of mine. Senator,… you’re no John Kennedy”. Happy thanksgiving, Larry, to You and all the family!

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