The New Abnormal?

Perhaps it’s my age, but I really don’t think so. More likely it is the malarkey the Trump administration is trying to get me to believe. There is talk of a new normal. I accept that to a degree; we are going through a second industrial revolution and many things are changing. Facts are still facts and the truth is still the truth. Contradictions are contradictions and alternative facts are lies. Let’s explore.

The President keeps making promises that he doesn’t keep. My theory is mainly because he never intended to in the first place. He is an “in the moment guy” who will promise you anything if it gets him to the next news cycle. Remember Melania’s immigration documentation that was coming soon? The tax returns after the audit (that we have no documentation of ever existing)? Politically, it all started with the very interesting facts his people in Hawaii turned up about President Obama. I assume the Comey tapes (that I’m willing to bet never existed) will have a similar fate.

He had his people all touting the Rosenstein letter as the reason for Comey’s firing only to refute them in a Lester Holt interview. I think he may have oscillated a time or two since. Whatever is convenient is the tweet or oral answer of the moment; damn history and videotapes – that must be fake news.

The newest act in the Trump Washington Circus is his legal team. Basically they are a bunch of clowns that contradict each other and are contradicted by Trump himself. They are entertaining and you can just select whatever story you want; they offer every possible and almost always contradictory version of events. Thing reached a new low this weekend when radical right wing attorney Jay Sekulow contradicted himself on Fox News. He had the misfortune of being interviewed by Fox’s only legitimate newsman, Chris Wallace, who called him on it. What did he do? He denied he had just contradicted himself and scolded Wallace in the process.

Trump’s greatest defender outside of his staff is Newt Gingrich. Gingrich is talented – he lies with such an authoritative voice. He condescends to his audience who he feels so superior to. Gingrich is motivated by his desire to get an ambassadorship for his wife the nomination of which Trump controls. My question is why does anyone pay attention to Gingrich anymore? Furthermore, why do the media give him air time?

We are at a critical stage in our democracy! Americans need to stay tuned and follow events! If you do the contradictions are obvious and give you pause. The initial lies are somewhat more difficult to detect at their utterance (or tweet). If you hear something that on the surface just doesn’t make sense or is difficult to believe that may well be because it isn’t true. To paraphrase the late Chris Thomas, many times in life it can be one or the other but not both.

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  1. I’ve wondered the same thing about Newt and the press. But they also still invite Rick Santorum on for his opinions…and Jeffrey Lord…and Bill Kristol (although, compared to the others, he’s sounding increasingly sane). The lame-stream media is just as bad for progressives as it is for conservatives.

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