The Most Powerful Man In America

Monday I saw undisputable proof of who the most powerful man in America currently is. Exactly how he got there is still somewhat of a question and I only see three possible explanations. The man is Russian President Vladimir Putin. Let’s explore.

Our government is designed to have three co-equal branches. In reality since the end of World War II Congress has yielded much of its power to the President. Generally Americans would contend that the sitting President is the most powerful person in the world, let alone America. What if you controlled the President?

Trump appears to be a wholly owned subsidiary of Putin’s. When departing for Europe Trump already acted deferential to the Russian leader. In the run up to their meeting in Helsinki Trump was acting like a subordinate going into their performance review meeting.

Contrast Monday’s press availability in Finland with the one late last week in London. The only similarity in the two is that on both occasions Trump lied. In London Prime Minister Theresa May and Trump often gave very different answers to the same question. Trump and Vlad appeared to be reading from the same hymn book.

The “question” of Russian interference in the 2016 election is a major issue in America. (Is there any legitimate question anymore?) The findings of every American and some foreign intelligence agencies are that the Russian military participated in a vast and organized interference campaign. The public evidence is conclusive and it is reasonable to assume Trump has received even more damning facts. Yet Trump sided with Putin who of course denied any Russian involvement. What did you expect; Putin to say “You got me.”?

Trump was late for and left the NATO conference in Brussels early. He arrived in Helsinki early for his meeting with Putin who arrived late. Trump disrespected our most valuable allies (and not for the first time) but made certain he arrived early for his meeting with his master.

Trump’s performance arguably is treasonous. “High crimes and misdemeanors” in reality is whatever Congress determines it to be. I would have to think that failure to defend our country after its elections were attacked by a foreign power would fall within those parameters. Yet the only talk of impeachment that may have any legs is the Freedom Caucus’ (read: Tea Party) effort to impeach Rod Rosenstein. (Side note on that: The Democrats should welcome it. It is highly questionable whether there are enough votes in the House to impeach and there are certainly not enough votes in the Senate to convict. I don’t want to see it happen, but it would make a winning campaign issue.)

The other remedy this situation begs for is the 25th Amendment solution. One of Trump’s few defenders is Vice President Pence who would have to lead the 25th Amendment charge. I really don’t think Pence’s loyalty is grounded in anything other than he knows he doesn’t have the votes in the Cabinet to pull the maneuver off. Pence has no loyalty to Trump or America; his true loyalty is to himself. Trump rescued him from what looked like certain political death in Indiana in 2016 and Pence is taking full advantage of his “second life”.

Under hard questioning from the AP’s Jonathan Lemire the plug was prematurely pulled on the Russian controlled press conference in Helsinki but not before Trump could end it with these three words, “Total witch hunt.” Instead of directly answering Western reporters’ questions Trump spun them to attacking Hillary Clinton and Robert Mueller while Putin targeted George Soros.

Trump was enthralled by Putin’s offer that in part would allow Mueller and his staff to come to Russia to watch Russian intelligence officers interrogate the 12 recently indicted Russian military cyber intelligence officers. Trump, the self-professed art of the deal guy, thought this deal (which included serious other concessions) was a great and brilliant offer by Putin. Too bad Eliot Ness wasn’t as “brilliant” as Trump. Think of all the money the government could have saved if Ness has let Al Capone’s crew ask him if he did anything illegal?

The only logical conclusions I can see to explain why Trump acts the way he does to Putin are all distasteful.

It could simply be that he is really that mentally challenged. I have repeatedly written that I don’t think he is all that bright; but this stupid is difficult even for me to believe; however I have to accept that possibility.

More likely Putin has something(s) on him. Almost everyone’s first thought is the “Pee Pee Tapes”. Of all the allegations I actually think they are the least likely to be verified. Trump has lived his entire life bragging about sexual conquests and being openly unfaithful to his various wives. If there are sex tapes of him I doubt they would significantly hurt him with his base. Bubba might actually envy him more. I think the compromising information would much more likely be of a financial nature. Trump openly brags about molesting women yet he won’t release his tax returns.

A third possibility cannot be ignored; namely both of the above.

In any event Putin certainly appears to own Trump which currently makes him the most powerful man in America.

What can you do about it? You can start by refusing to donate to, volunteer for and certainly vote for any Republican candidate – incumbent or challenger – who refuses to publically disavow Trump.

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