The Missing Name

I suppose since I do political commentary and the Iowa Caucus was earlier this week I should comment. If you wanted surprises, you should have watched the NFL playoffs. That said I still think I have an observation or two worth your time.

With over 95% of the vote in Donald Trump won with 56,260 votes or 51%. Ron “Kinky Boots” DeSantis squeaked by “No No” Nikki Haley for a distant, but hotly contested, second place. The 95% tally in the battle for a mostly irrelevant second was 23,240 or 21.1% vs 21,085 or 19.1%.

DeSantis has proven to be a terrible candidate and has run a horrible campaign yet he still beat Haley in a contest they both very much wanted to win. Misogyny and racism (although I doubt most GOP voters got past the first prejudice) are alive and well in the GOP. Perhaps DeSantis’ new slogan should be Penis Power?

How much of it is media hype and how much is reality we will never know, but the press hype of the Iowa event was the importance of a second place finish for Haley hoping it would provide an upset fueling boost in New Hampshire. It didn’t happen and we’ll see what happens in the Granite State next week.

Even a mediocre freshman poly sci. major would never have picked Trump as their candidate in a multiple-choice test but Iowa Republicans did, and decisively. I can think of 91 good reasons to steer clear of him; and that is only the active felony charges.

After New Hampshire – which historically has produced surprises – comes the Nevada Caucus on February 8th where Trump is expected to romp. On February 24th South Carolina holds its primary. In my book regardless of what happens in New Hampshire that is a must win for Haley and I doubt she can win.

March 4th is Super Tuesday where I think Trump will all but wrap it up.

Assuming DeSantis makes it that far – and at this point that is a somewhat bold assumption – the Florida Primary is on March 19th. Like South Carolina for Haley, that is a make or break for DeSantis and again I doubt the home state candidate can win.

Some guy named Victor came in fourth in Iowa on Monday night and suspended his campaign. I didn’t hear his speech but I can imagine it contained some words along the lines of the voters have spoken. Here is the reality: the voters spoke a long time ago. Victor finally paid enough attention to them to hear what they have been saying for months.

Arguably the biggest 2024 GOP news is that Chris Christie dropped out without even making it to Iowa. This field is so weak that Christie was far and away its best and most electable candidate. Keep in mind that I am not a Christie fan. For years I’ve said he belongs in federal housing and I’m not talking about on Pennsylvania Avenue in DC.

When the missing name is the best choice I long for a none of the above option. Joe Biden gets better looking every day.

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