The Loser Trumps The Suckers

The entire 2016 Trump campaign and presidency has been little more than an organized criminal enterprise perpetrating a scam designed to make money for the Trumps and a few in their inner circle. November of 2020 was another glaring example.  Let’s explore.

By sometime on Wednesday November 4th it became obvious that Donald Trump had lost the election.  Before noon on Saturday November 7th it was clear to all but the willfully ignorant.  Over the next few days legitimate law firms with deep Republican roots dropped out of the legal challenges.  When Rudy Giuliani is leading your legal team in 2020 you probably couldn’t get out of a traffic ticket let alone overturn a presidential election.

However the grift didn’t miss a beat. Reportedly the Trump organization sent out as many email requests for donations in the three weeks after the election as in the last three week running up to it.  It has always been about money and never the office.  Trump went on a rampage raising money to “Stop the steal” and he certainly found a plethora of suckers who either couldn’t comprehend the fine print in his pleas or ignored reading them.  During the month of November Trump raised about $170 million.

To add insult to injury every penny of the first $5,000 in any donation did not go to the legal effort (which is 1 for 30 something at this point and the one victory was meaningless). 75% goes to the Save America PAC which Trump controls.  The remaining 25% goes to the Republican National Committee (RNC) which as of this writing Trump effectively controls and is maneuvering to retain control of.  Considering the current “spine” of the GOP he may very well be successful in that quest.  In other words the money all went to Trump personally.  He will use the PAC and the RNC (if he retains effective control) to enrich himself, family and inner circle along with helping finance the campaigns of candidates that will be loyal to him.  Trump does not care about America or the Republican Party.  He has made that clear by his actions of the last several years.

Donating money to a candidate who loses is commonplace in America. Donating to help fund a recount or legal challenge in a close election is legitimate.  (The 2020 presidential election wasn’t very close.)  Donating to the slush fund of a loser is less than intelligent (I’m being kind in my choice of words again).  Some people might even call such a donor a sucker.

Trump is infamous for among other things calling our troops “Losers” and “Suckers”. Trump clearly lost the election but he knew there were enough suckers around that would keep sending him money anyway.

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