The Last One Will Surprise You

Today is Thanksgiving in America. Between football games and too much eating it is traditional for Americans to give thanks for the good things in their lives. That very much includes progressives. I have prepared a list of things progressives should be thankful for and I think the last one will initially surprise you. Let’s explore.

The Democrats taking back the House of Representatives in the November election: once we get past the lame duck (no small task) there will be a check on an out of control and corrupt President.

Donald Trump not starting a nuclear war: long ago I said that America is a resilient enough country to survive Trump as long as he did not blow us all off the face of the earth.

Tom Perez: the DNC Chair has restructured how the Party operates particularly with regard to empowering state and local Parties along with reaching out to the people not just the core of the base. If you look at the victories and narrow losses in places where a Democrat should get blown away it is working. It’s more than just an every four years thing!

A good start: Democrats have lately had success in lowering the deficits they have had in many state legislatures since the disaster of 2010. (We also picked up a net of seven Governorships in the mid-term.) The Democrats are the only viable choice for American progressives and by default they are our team. Like a baseball organization you cannot be successful in the long run without a good farm system. Beyond that many issues that really bother voters are local or state issues, (i.e. Sewers, schools, streets along with snow and trash removal). At the state level the big evil is gerrymandering and until you control the state legislature (and in most cases Governor’s mansion) you will find yourself gerrymandered out of seats.

Increased voter turnout: 2018’s voter turnout will end up around 50% when the final numbers are in. While I find that embarrassing, it is a huge improvement for a mid-term and the best in about 100 years. A funny thing happens when more people vote; more progressive candidates win. Is it any wonder that the Republicans expend so much effort on voter suppression?

Involved and motivated women: From January 21, 2017 on women have taken to the streets to bring attention to the wrongdoings of the current administration. They have long been the bulk of campaign volunteers and this year they ran for and won public office in record shattering numbers. I think not coincidentally most of the activists and office winners were Democrats. While the late John McCain rightfully gets much of the credit, I feel that it was women who took to the street and Congressional offices that saved Obamacare.

The mythical “Deep State”: what, in right wing mythology, is called the Deep State is really career, non-political government employees who care much more about America and its Constitution than any policy or political goal. The stories may never be completely known but it appears they are frustrating and in many cases stopping the evil deeds the Trump administration are trying to perpetrate.

Robert Mueller or at least his investigation: at least someone is doing some digging and unearthing some of the plethora misdeeds of Don Trump and his crew. While it seems frustratingly long, when measured by history, the Mueller probe has been incredibly productive and is moving at warp speed. In my opinion and to steal a cliché, “We ain’t seen nothing yet”.

President Donald Trump: before you question my sanity or sobriety consider the fact that if history is our guide the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee, whoever he or she may be, should be the favorite to win. Of course, we will still need voter turnout led by activist women to have a Democrat win and with it a progressive agenda paid serious attention to.

For my American readers, now go get a good meal under your belt; you’ll need it to survive the lame duck session. To my foreign readers, sorry you have to get to work – no holiday for you.    

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  1. I’m sorry about the bitter appetizer we got today from Donald Trump. What was supposed to be a photo opportunity for him with phone calls to senior members of the five military branches, turned into a disjointed, rambling, self congratulatory performance which was full of lies, and even discussions of military methods and tactics which left the military members at a loss as to how to respond. I hope everyone has an enjoyable Thanksgiving. Just keep a third eye always open. Trump is putting our national and personal safety at risk.

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