The Kid’s Aren’t Alright (With Me)

As is commonplace in organized criminal enterprises, the lines between family and business (in this case including governing) are blurred to the point of basically being non-existent in the Trump administration. Let’s explore.

Two of Monday’s big announcements involved the President’s son-in-law Jared Kushner. Both were concerning. It is questionable at best that Kushner is even involved in the administration. While the exact letter of the law may not have been violated certainly the spirit of anti-nepotism laws was when Trump brought Kushner into a senior advisory position at the White House. In one of the many efforts to distract from the disaster that was Trumpcare, Trump announced that Kushner would head up the new White House Office of American Innovation. The main goal of the new effort will be to make government/business interaction more conducive to the development of new business. In Republicanspeak: cut government regulations.

If a sincere and earnest person were hiring for that job they would name someone with a vast background in bringing new products and services to market as well as in government. Kushner is a member of the Lucky Sperm Cell Club with a background in high end real estate. He had that position due to an accident of birth not business prowess. (See the similarity to Trump?) His “vast” government experience started earlier this year. (Again, see the similarity to Trump?) In a nutshell, Kushner is woefully unqualified! Why would Trump have chosen him? My answer is that Kushner can be trusted to keep his mouth shut while making sure that Trump gets a piece of the action on any deals that are made.

The same day that Kushner was entrusted with this task we learned that he has volunteered to meet with the Senate Intelligence Committee theoretically to discuss his involvements with Russian government and business representatives. As of this writing no details of the Committee meetings have been established. To my analysis all this proves is that the White House communications shop has gotten a bit better and they are trying to get ahead of another aspect of the ongoing scandal. Kushner also selected a friendly panel to talk to. North Carolina Senator Richard “Bank Run” Burr heads the Senate Intelligence Committee. Remember Burr was coopted by Trump a few weeks ago when he made phone calls to media people telling them they may as well disregard the whole Russia thing because there was nothing to that story. Those calls were made at the request of (you guessed it) the White House. Do you really think Burr is going to allow a grilling of Trump’s favorite daughter’s (Ivanka) husband?

Speaking of Ivanka, recently we learned that she was given office space in the West Wing of the White House. Why? What role does she have to play in the administration? How is America better off with another member of the Lucky Sperm Cell Club down the hall from the President?

While the Kushners may well be working without pay, (that is another issue for another day), it is still costing the American taxpayers a boatload of money. More concerning is the appearance that they are there to protect the interests of the Trump family; not those of the American people.       They are the guy (or gal) whose posterior you have to kiss if you want to kiss the man’s ring.

In full disclosure the inspiration for the title of this article was The Who’s 1965 hit, The Kids Are Alright. When Pete Townshend wrote the song he spoke of people he trusted. When I wrote this article I spoke of people I don’t trust and neither should you!

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