The Humorous And The Absurd

There are a lot of things that happen in the Trump era that make you laugh, there are also a lot of things that make you shake your head in disbelief; unfortunately many of them are the same things. Today, let’s explore a few that recently made the news.

Despite all the credible allegations of questionable activity as of this writing Michael Cohen remains a Deputy Finance Chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC). Remember that people including Rick Gates and Elliot Broidy among others have also had high level positions in either Trump campaign or RNC finances. Any candidate running in 2018 under the Republican banner who tries to distance themselves from Trump is lying.

While you are linking those GOP candidates to Trump remember that Paul Krugman, somewhat accurately, recently labeled the Republican Party the “Party of Putin”. Sadly, that is not much of a stretch.

The big announcement of last week was that Rudy Giuliani was added to Trump’s criminal defense team. Rudy Giuliani! Really? All you have to do is read the seminal book on the 2008 Presidential race, Game Change, to realize that the Republican establishment (and I’m painting with a wide brush) hasn’t taken Rudy seriously for years. Giuliani has simultaneously admitted that he doesn’t know just where Mueller’s case stands and that he can wrap it up in, “A week or two”.

Giuliani is no Ted Olson, who refused to join the team. If Trump wants a big time proven New York closer I suggest he beg Mariano Rivera to come out of retirement. There are plenty of great criminal defense lawyers in New York and Washington who are currently at the top of their game – Giuliani isn’t one of them, but he does appear on Fox News a lot.

If the Mueller probe is going to conclude in the next two week it will include, at minimum, the resignation of Donald Trump as President of the United States. Trump is not about to resign soon because it would bring the organized criminal enterprise to a halt.

In his lie filled Trump Tower Tax Cut speeches (always before friendly audiences) Trump consistently goes after Arizona Senator John McCain blaming him for the failure to repeal Obamacare. As I recall, McCain was far from the lone “Nay” vote and Trump displayed a total failure of leadership. If Trump is looking for someone to blame I suggest he stand in front of a mirror. If he is looking for a reason for the votes I suggest he consult public opinion.

Last week the Senate confirmed Trump nominee Representative Jim Bridenstine (R-OK) as NASA Director. This is the first time in history that the agency (which is supposed to be scientific and not political) has been led by an elected official. Bridenstine has no scientific background by either education or experience. One of NASA’s various roles is the accumulation and interpretation of data related to climate change. Like almost all Trump appointees, Bridenstine is a climate change denier. His main qualifications appear to be that he is unqualified for the job, a climate change denier and vacates a seat in what is considered to be a safe Republican Congressional District.

Bridenstine was confirmed by a 50-49 Senate vote. Last minute 180’s from previous positions by Marco Rubio of Florida and Jeff Flake of Arizona made the difference. Despite frequent rhetoric to the contrary they have proven to be Trump enablers.

While among the least impactful, perhaps the most disgusting event of the last few weeks was Texas Senator Ted Cruz writing a tribute to Donald Trump for Time magazine’s 100 most influential of 2018. There is no doubt of Trump’s influence by virtue of the presidency but Cruz’s tribute was both factually inaccurate and farcical considering his past statements and the history between them.

Trump is now denying that he spent an overnight in Moscow in 2013 when his then personal bodyguard Keith Schiller is on the record making a statement to the contrary. Who is lying, Trump or his rented muscle? (This is the night of the alleged “special activity” at a Moscow hotel.) Perhaps Trump doesn’t consider it an overnight if he never slept?

This stuff would all be funny if it weren’t so serious, dangerous and disgusting.

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