The Glass Donald Dome

Some time ago I wrote about the bubble Donald Trump appears to live in. It is very nice (if you are The Donald). Everyone calls you Mr. Trump and caters to your every whim and desire. You have seemingly unlimited money and really nice toys like jet airplanes. You even have your own version of reality. In the Donald Dome everyone believes your lies; in the real world it is a different story.

Months ago when Trump got himself in trouble by not quickly disavowing David Duke’s support he blamed it on a bad ear piece supplied by CNN. He claimed he didn’t hear the question well. The consensus of opinion is that he got his backside handed to him in Monday night’s debate with Hillary Clinton. He is now blaming much of that on a bad microphone (I assume supplied by NBC).

David Duke is the former Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). Duke is arguably the most famous Klansman in history. Any Baby Boomer who has even lightly followed politics knows who Duke is and almost every adult America knows the KKK such is their infamy. Certainly anyone who considers themselves qualified to be President of the United States should know of both.

My guess, (and I have lots of company), is that Trump did not want to be quick to disavow Duke’s support because he wanted the voters it was bringing into his fold. Racism is never heavily veiled at a Trump rally!

As to the bad microphone on Monday night I find it interesting that it worked perfectly well on the 40 occasions that Trump interrupted Clinton. Do some quick math. The debate lasted 90 minutes. At least half of that went to Trump and the moderator. That means he interrupted Clinton approximately once a minute during her speaking time. But then again Trump doesn’t feel that rules apply to him; they don’t in the Donald Dome.

For years Trump was the poster boy of the birther movement. Suddenly he declares that he performed a service to the nation (what patriotism) and a personal service to President Obama by getting Obama to make his long form birth certificate public.

As of this writing the latest scandal surrounding Trump – it will probably be supplanted by another in the hours between my writing and you reading this piece – is that he is claiming he is doing the Trump Foundation a favor by storing a portrait of himself, (which he bought with $10,000 of Trump Foundation funds), by prominently hangingit on the wall behind the bar in one of his resorts. To make the story even more interesting Trump hasn’t donated any of his personal fortune to the Trump Foundation in years.

Donald, just how stupid do you think the American public is? The only favor I want from Trump is that he lose the election.

Trump claims he can’t release his tax returns because he is under audit. That defies law, regulations and history. Of course those things are real world realities and they don’t exist inside the Donald Dome. Here is one thing I can tell The Donald: If you keep making stupid statements like the one about storing the painting (in violation of IRS regulation on self-dealing) you make yourself a target for more frequent and more thorough audits.

Trump keeps repeating the zombie lie that he was always against the invasion of Iraq despite audio and written proof to the contrary. This is a case of him asking us to believe him instead of our own eyes and ears. Of course our eyes and ears are superfluous under the Donald Dome.

Here is a bit of free advice for Hillary Clinton. If Trump ever is foolish enough to bring up Bill Clinton’s extramarital affairs in a debate I have the perfect retort for you: When it comes to marital infidelity I’ll have to yield to you Mr. Trump. You are personally very experienced in that area.

Donald’s Dome appears to be made of glass and you know what they say about glass houses and throwing stones.

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