The Feeling Of Interference

A few times a year I write an article that is mainly speculation. This is one of them as I watch the facts unfold. Let’s explore.

On March 22nd the Mueller Report was delivered to the Attorney General. As of this writing Congress has yet to receive it. That begs the question: Why?

The only conclusion I can draw is that Bill Barr is covering for Donald Trump. Within two days of receiving the report he managed to make public a book report which Trump and his minions have spun into complete and total vindication. From the little we know of the report we know that is untrue.

In the days immediately after releasing his book report Barr sent out at least three separate letters explaining it. Would it be fair to say that he is, like his boss, finds communicating in English challenging?

Last week while testifying before two separate congressional committees Barr was evasive and/or had problems answering questions. At times he appeared to be searching for just the right words. Was that to avoid lying to Congress while just deceiving it? Both “Yes” and “No” should come out of the mouth quickly.

Barr has stated that he did not stifle Mueller’s investigation. He may well be telling the truth but that does not mean his office didn’t. Remember Matt Whitaker, (the Academic All American who wasn’t actually one), was the acting Attorney General prior to Barr’s historically narrow confirmation (54-45) for Attorney General. This is looking more and more like an investigation brought to an abrupt and premature close. Compared to Whitaker, Barr looks like an “honest umpire”. Could Trump have placed an incredibly incompetent Whitaker in the office with a single mission and to make any replacement look better in comparison? Remember Barr helped pardon a group of Iran-Contra offenders during his previous stint as AG. Also, keep in mind he submitted a 19 page audition for his current position that read like something from a right wing website.

One thing that has intrigued me is that certain people including some named Trump were not indicted. Did Whitaker prevent Mueller from doing so? Did a premature end of the Mueller investigation and White House stonewalling prevent Mueller from gathering all the evidence he felt he needed? Did Mueller, who is a Justice Department purist, only refrain from indicting Donald Trump because of the department policy stating a sitting president will not be indicted by the Justice Department for a criminal offense? Are there sealed indictments waiting to be served at some future date? (I.e. one with President Trump’s name on it to be served after his term is over?) Any of those possible scenarios is a far cry from complete and total exoneration.

Then there is the matter of the redaction team. Who exactly is on that team? If Barr is to be believed, he is not an active member of it; that would allow him to truthfully answer questions with basically an “I don’t know” reply. Who named the members of the redaction team? Was it Trump, his lawyers or the White House?

After all this time the best Barr seems to be willing to release to both Congress and the public is what I will call the Reader’s Digest condensed version of the report complete with four color redactions. If this were an exam I would have to decide whether to give Barr an incomplete or an “F” for that. In fact if the school had an honor code I’d be inclined to report a violation.

One of the redaction areas is “embarrassing information” about unindicted people. I wonder how many of them have the surname Trump or any one of several others who are well known members of his inner circle?

Congress is in recess. Doesn’t it strike you as interesting that the Reader’s Digest version is supposedly being released then? I wouldn’t put it past the Trump/Barr team to release it on Friday. What better time to bury a story then on Good Friday?

I sincerely hope I am wrong but I have every reason to fear that I am correct. I can’t shake the feeling of interference.

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  1. Everyone seems afraid to use the kind of language which is entirely appropriate for this situation…except Rep. Ilhan Omar. A muslim refugee woman of color is speaking for the best of American ideals. That shames the rest of us.

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