The Fast And The Are You Serious?

If the Trump administration has done nothing else it has given people like me plenty to write about. My biggest problem is that I cannot possible comment on everything I would like to. Today I’d like to do a sort of catch up article. I want to touch on several things one paragraph at a time. Come along.

The first thing I’d like to cover is what I call the Republican Hokie Pokie. They may stick anything into a bill, but what they always take out is taxes on the wealthy. If you look at the various versions of Trumpcare or the Ryan Plans a massive cut in taxes at the very top is the one consistency. That’s what they take out and from their perspective that’s what it’s all about.

After getting caught in another series of lies and deceptions Trump is threatening to end daily press briefings. This is on the heels of saying he had no intention of getting rid of Press Secretary Sean Spicer because he gets great ratings. Trump issued a veiled threat to the news media that if he cancelled daily press briefings they would lose those free highly viewed “shows”. Without making the effort of researching the ratings history I would hazard to guess that the highest rated television programming in my lifetime would be the coverage of 9/11 and the JFK assassinations. Is that really the company you want to keep Mr. President?

In a professional sport when the owner expresses complete confidence in the Head Coach it is time for the Head Coach to start refreshing their resume. It seems to work the same way in the Trump administration. Just a few days before his firing Trump (via Spicer) expressed complete confidence in James Comey. Ask the former FBI Director how well that worked out for him.

Trump has yet to learn the huge difference between running a privately held company that you inherited and the federal government. He views the members of Congress as disobedient middle managers. That isn’t going to work out well in the Senate in particular. For decades the Senate has jokingly been referred to as 100 people who think they should be President. I still think it is from that body that Trump’s ultimate demise will come.

The Trump administration still seems intent on destroying the Iran Nuclear Deal which they now admit Iran is adhering to. Can you square that circle? I can’t!

There is an old axiom dating back to the days of ancient Rome that says a government must give the people their bread and circuses. In other words feed and amuse the people to keep them placated. Trump is certainly providing us with enough “entertainment”; results that will help “feed” us are another thing.

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