The Evil Behind The Smokescreen

The core question most observers of American politics are asking themselves these days is: Is Donald Trump crazy or crazy like a fox? The next most prevalent is: Why are most Republicans and most of his core still supporting him? I have a theory on both of those, let’s explore.

President Trump is crazy or at least historically politically naïve for an American President. Many of his controversies are self-inflicted wounds. An unintended result of his impulsive actions is to effectively provide a smokescreen behind which his and the GOP’s evil can proceed. I will outline two that largely flew under the radar last week later in this article.

Much of the evil he has facilitated or at least tried to facilitate is based on racism, sexism, xenophobia or some combination of the three. Those are core “values” of today’s Republican Party and core beliefs of most of Trump’s base. It is “those people” who are preventing white males from attaining their “rightful” success in today’s America. Clue to the Trump faithful: If all you have going for you is the color of your skin your problem is in the mirror.

In their heart of hearts I have to believe that most of the GOP leadership actually knows better than the content of their rhetoric. They continue to talk that talk for two reasons: By doing so they have touched the fears of many whites who have become their loyal voters, and by doing so they are able to facilitate the enacting of many voter suppression measures that will lower the vote total Democrats can amass. It may be evil, immoral and illegal but the political logic is hard to argue with.

Last week Trump announced he was forming a commission to investigate voter fraud and voter suppression. The co-chairs he named are Vice President Mike Pence and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach. The commission is a sham from the start with those two in charge. I don’t know how many taxpayer dollars the commission is going to spend but I can save them all. Voter fraud is close to non-existent in America and doesn’t sway any elections. The biggest causes of voter suppression in America are the Republican Party and mass incarceration.

The findings of this commission will be that there is no significant voter suppression and that we need birth certificates and strict voter ID laws to prevent the millions of illegal votes cast in the 2016 election (all for Hillary). Where have we heard that before? Not only have we heard it from Trump, but we have heard it from Pence and Kobach on multiple occasions. This is a classic case of the fox guarding the hen house!

In another story that was largely obscured by the smokescreen, Attorney General Jeff Sessions called for federal prosecutors to push for the maximum sentence in drug cases. In other words lock more of “those people” up with felony convictions and then let the GOP make it impossible for them to ever vote again.

In my opinion the Congressional Republicans will eventually turn on Trump and that will lead to his demise. For the moment he is providing a smokescreen behind which they can accomplish many of their goals largely without the American public noticing because we are so distracted with the circus atmosphere we call the Trump administration.

How bad is it? Keep in mind I’m only discussing one week and the actions I outlined weren’t the only Trump actions that will hurt America. Pay attention and stay active!

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  1. In a sane world Trump’s claim that millions of illegals voted would be instant justification for invoking the 25th Amendment.

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