The Enshrinement Of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

This action will come as no surprise to my regular readers. For only the 13th time, second for a Supreme Court Justice (Thurgood Marshall), is enshrining a person in the Progressive Hall of Fame. That person is Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Let’s explore.

The honor is rare; so high are the standards. The person had to have been an outstanding American progressive whose political career is over. One inductee (Joe Biden in 2017) fooled me in that he “un-retired”. American women have been at a disadvantage for most of our history – many contend they still are – and because of that RBG, (as she came to be affectionately known), is only the third woman (Frances Perkins and Abigail Adams) enshrined. That’s pretty elite company!

This article is not intended to be a biography or a eulogy. There will be plenty of both and deservedly so. A lot of adjectives can rightfully be associated with RBG: tough, brilliant, cutting, tenacious, courageous, I could go on. The word I want you to associate with her in the following paragraphs is rights.

I remember a conversation I had with a former North Carolina legislator where he said (and I’m paraphrasing) that the difference between today’s liberals and today’s Republicans is that liberals give people rights; Republicans take them away. That is pretty accurate.

As if this weren’t enough, among other things, RBG was a champion of civil rights, human rights, voting rights and women’s rights. I’m of the Hillary Clinton school of thought that women’s rights are human rights. Furthermore I believe the lessons of history and the Civil Rights movement that an attack on one group will, if successful, morph into an attack on another group and sooner or later you will be part of the target group.

What more noble (Godly or Christian if you please) cause than to be a champion for people who are unable to fight for themselves? That was Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Today’s enshrinement article will be a bit short. To go on longer would only illustrate it and the author’s inadequacy.

Justice Ginsburg, especially in your descents, your legacy will live on and it will continue your work of making America an increasingly better country.

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