The Enduring “Gifts”

The Republican Party has been taken over by radicals and cowards over the past decade or so with Donald Trump as their current hero/god/leader. No better illustration can I think of than the vast majority of congressional Republicans voting not to impeach him or holding him not guilty. Trump may be gone from the White House but he still has a firm grip on what today masquerades as the GOP. For people like me they are the gift that will not stop giving material to write about. With that in mind, let’s look at a few recent news items.


Recently Trump called Mitch McConnell a “Political hack.” You can call Mitch McConnell a lot of uncomplimentary names (and I have) but political hack is not one of them. McConnell is the most effective Senate leader since Lyndon Johnson. I almost constantly disagree with McConnell on policy and his hypocritical use of “tactics” is deplorable; but to deny that he is good at his job is simply willfully disavowing reality.

What Insurrection?

Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson recently did a radio interview where he said he didn’t think the domestic terrorist activity on January 6th was an armed insurrection because he personally didn’t see any guns. FACT CHECKS: Guns were recovered from the terrorists and multiple Wisconsin residents are facing felony gun charges as was reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (the biggest newspaper in Wisconsin – and in my opinion a quality one).

Perhaps Johnson would like to explain the four deaths and countless injuries caused by weapons other than guns. Unless he retires, he will have that opportunity soon. His seat is up for reelection in purple Wisconsin in 2022.

Brain Freezes?

Texas is especially hard hit by the current cold wave. It is also the only state to have its own power grid for almost all of its massive geography. The grid has failed. Right wing mythology led by the likes of Texas Governor Greg Abbott, former Governor and Secretary of Energy Rick Perry and Fox News host Tucker Carlson is blaming the grid’s failure on green energy. They say the windmills failed and that caused the problem.

Now let’s look at the inconvenient (for them) facts. Green energy accounts for about 10% of the total capacity of the Texas grid. Texas authorities failed to procure the equipment necessary for the windmills to function at low temperatures. (That’s like taking a 100,000 automobile trip without a spare tire and then blaming Goodyear for your misfortune.) Furthermore, one of the main causes of the dramatic capacity loss was that natural gas pressure dropped dramatically due to those cold temperatures.

I might suggest that the real culprit is that the fossil fuel devotees who run the Texas grid are climate change – and therefore reality deniers.

A Management Genius?

Unfortunately, Joe Biden is stuck with some Trump appointees, at least in the short run. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy is one of them. Reports recently leaked about his soon to be unveiled plan that would reorganize first class mail handling. The bottom lines are that if implemented as proposed it would be costlier and slower. Had I proposed a plan with those results in a class when I was in management school I would have been laughed out of the room by my classmates and then received a grade of “F”.

Gerrymandering A Grand Jury?

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has announced she is looking into election tampering allegations by Donald Trump and South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham. She intends to present evidence to the March Fulton County Grand Jury. Fulton is Georgia’s largest county with a population of over 1 million.
Republicans in the Georgia State Legislature have proposed a law that any grand jury investigating allegations of election irregularities has to be a special statewide grand jury. In other words, members of the grand jury would have to include residents of small, rural red counties. So much for concerns of election fraud.

If the current version of the GOP can’t prevent Trump from doing prison time, I discovered one more disgusting fact: Trump still gets Secret Service protection in prison which the taxpayers pay for. I don’t know about you but I could do with fewer “gifts”.

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